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A Course on Branding: Online Brand Lab

The most important skill to acquire now is learning how to learn.”-    John Naisbitt

Glocal has been always working to initiate learnings and promote the usefulness of skills. We believe skills are required to grow life and our core values lies with this approach. We had initiated different courses during the lockdown period, and we saw the presence of the participants incredible. After few courses, we came up with an idea to deliver session on branding and its importance. The topic of the session was – “Online Brand Lab.

Brand Lab was a 5-day course related to brandings and how it works. It was conducted to make the enthusiastic participants understand the basics of the brandings and its components. The course tried to address questions such as what brand is, how it works, its importance and also introduced the ways to build a brand that are unique and really can stand out.

The course was facilitated by Prof. Ujjwal K. Chowdhury, Pro-Vice Chancellor of Adamas University, India; Ms. Lily Maley, Founder at Mama Bear Digital, USA; Mr. Saurabh Jyoti, Director, Jyoti Group Nepal and Mr. Ajay Pandey, IT & Design Manager at Glocal Pvt. Ltd.

The course was hosted for 5 consecutive days and the interest of the participants to learn about branding was phenomenal. The session was divided to cover five different aspects of branding and relevant knowledge. It was by far the longest session ever hosted by Glocal Pvt.Ltd and it was incredibly successful with good response. We thought branding topic was very important and many brand enthusiasts would want to learn more to boost their knowledge. With that thought, we came up with this course and the participants learnt many perspectives of branding each day.

The first session was facilitated by Prof. Ujjwal K Chowdhury who is a leading media and communication academic of India, also the Pro-Vice Chancellor of Adamas University in India. He took the session for two days where he started with the brief description of what band looks like giving many local brand examples of Nepal like Chaudhary Group, Jyoti Group, and so on. He tried to explain how brand tendency and brand perspective must be noticed and along with that he also gave live assignment to ensure participant’s engagement in the class. The way of his delivering brand ideas was unique because, he could relate examples of Nepali brands and that made the brand understanding much clear. He also talked about Brand culture, brand image and brand equity and also the Brand Strategy elements.

The second session was facilitated by Ms. Lily Maley, Founder at Mama Bear Digital, USA. She had worked in Marketing, Design, Brand, and tech strategy for nearly12 years and spent nearly five years at a large tech company as a Global Director of Creative and Brand. As she had a story to tell, she shared her experience with all the participants. She basically talked about Brand Identity and Brand Personality. She also shared about the things that make people identify a brand and how can we use them to build own brand personality. She also shared a handbook to all the participants which was about Steps to create a powerful Brand Identity.

The third session was facilitated by Mr. Ajay Pandey, IT & Design Manager at Glocal Pvt. Ltd. He talked about Brand positioning and Brand Repositioning. He gave an interesting visual examples and was able to cater the interest of audience. He also gave some practical ideas to understand about brand positioning and also asked the participants to provide their inputs accordingly. The participants also learnt about Developing Brand Positioning Statement.

The last day of the session was taken by Mr. Saurabh Jyoti, Chairman at Jyoti Group. He concluded the session talking about Brand Equity & Branding in Nepal. Under this topic, discussion was made regarding introduction, elaboration, and fortification that should be done to manage brand equity and also about can value be added in our product by using branding. He summarized all the learning of the four days giving practical example and also shared the success story of Jyoti Group he has been part of. In addition to this, he also replied to all the queries of the participants and ended on a good note of how we can rise again out of this pandemic. He also suggested participants about the areas of work that needs to be focused after this corona crisis ceases. And at the end, there was a very powerful message – We Will Revive.

There were around 25 participants’ attending the course and they were equally enthusiastic about branding sector. There were participants from diverse field, ranging from students to the working professionals. Some were even working in the branding sector and some participants had a keen interest to learn branding. This 5 days long course concluded with a very positive response from the participants. They were grateful to be the part of the session also suggested some other courses that we could bring in upcoming days. However, we made this event successful and we are looking forward to bring more courses in future.