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Exploring Tech World: Django for Beginners

Glocal After School introduced a course which guided participants to build a website which was named as “Django for Beginners” and was live facilitated by Mr. Samir Phuyal, Winner of Glocal Teen Hero 2019. The course was conducted for 4 consecutive days and the involvement of participants and their excitement to create their own website was remarkable.

Mr.Samir Phuyal, Winner of Glocal Teen Hero 2019

Django for beginners was a beginner-focused course that introduced participants to the basic use of Django to create dynamic database-driven websites. The course needed no previous experience with Django but little python knowledge was a bonus. The course guided them to create their very own Blog website using Django. The course was very easy to follow as it was more focused on developers who are just entering into the web development world of python using Django.

After joining this course, the participants were able to know about the fundamental concept of MVT pattern, Setup Developer Environment to work with Django. They also learnt work with virtual environments and created basic database-driven web application using Django. In addition to this, they also learnt work with basic Jinja 2 syntax in template and also to Customize Admin panel of Django in more detail. The course took a pace after pre download of Python, Visual Studio Code and Git Bash installed on their system. The participants learnt about Python and Django, and also about how it works. They were also introduced about how website works. They also covered fundamentals of python in brief and at the end set up Django project for the next day, to learn about website making in details.

The second day was all about detailed study of Django, which is a Python-based free and open-source web framework, which follows the model-template-view architectural pattern. It is maintained by the Django Software Foundation and its primary goal is to ease the creation of complex, database-driven websites. The participants created Django app, understanding MVT Pattern. They were also taught how to work with the URL views and templates, passing data from views to templates. They also learnt about using bootstrap in template and develop a proper project structure. Besides teaching, the problems of the participants while making websites were also sorted within the course.

The third day of the course started with working with models, firstly creating migration for database models. The participants then registered model in Django admin panel. They were also introduced about Django ORM to work with query set and also understood about bootstrap grid. Other learnings included using Jinja Templating engine and created list view for blogs. Besides that, the instructor solved the problems that appeared within the course of the participants through screen-sharing feature of Zoom. It was really an interactive session.

Learning technical lessons online takes a lot of patience and determination. The participants who joined for the course were tech enthusiast and they had a clear understanding of what things they would learn from the course. There were around 20 participants who joined the course. These participants were from different parts of the country. Glocal’s initiation of Online Learning has been successful because we believe in creating a community of Online Learners around the country. Glocal has been able to set the benchmark in this process which is truly remarkable.