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Fashion is the name where ‘YOU’ matter the most.

Through fashion, people reflect themselves. It is a pure art where you create a statement and this statement is the definition of how you really want the world to picture you.

Let’s assume someone very attractive walks past you. You get instantly drawn to them, don’t you? You keep on remembering the way they carried themselves, the way they had worn the attire and the way they looked so fashionable. Somewhere inside you, the thought of looking fashionable like them strikes you, isn’t it?

You could see the vast difference that lies in the fashion trend of the past years. For example, nowadays people even consider glasses, watches, bracelets and accessories to reflect style. This might be due to the influence of the fashion trend that people get to see in the advertisement, movies, and social media sites.

Fashion has always been an ever-evolving part of the world. Starting from a very hippie and retro style at the beginning, the world today sees fashion showcasing a very niche and elegant style. Even though the trend of fashion keeps on phasing, the designers and people who put their soul to keep up with the trends are commendable. Many people feel that fashion is only about designing, but it requires a sharp mind to market the business and sustain the fashion business for a lifetime.

The fashion business in Kathmandu has been spreading wings for the last 5-6 years. As the fashion houses and fashion markets have boomed, the sense of fashion has upraised in people. This has started to bring a sense of competition in them too. To stay in the game, fashion houses have started employing people with both managing skills and fashion skills. In this scenario, you could assume that fashion is not only about creating designs or being attractive but being able to strategically take the fashion business to heights.

Kathmandu is the best spot for enthusiastic students who are eager to delve deep into the fashion merchandising. Here, the students who want to pursue fashion business management will not only get an opportunity to get acknowledged to renowned fashion designers’ skills and experience about the fashion world but will also be able to network with them and get firsthand experience about how to develop an entrepreneurial mind. The team in which people work along will bag them an opportunity to share one another’s idea and get an insight to what people in the business have in their minds.

So, are you ready to hit the floor with your fashion and managing skills? If you are eager, the door to become a fashion merchandiser isn’t it?