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Work from home and homeschooling

Preparing morning breakfast, lunch for your child, getting them ready for school and getting yourself ready for work is an everyday hassle; a greater fuss when you are accompanied by a long traffic congestion. This undoubtedly very usual in our daily life and just when we thought we have to live up to this or entire life, the world got struck by a pandemic COVID-19. For most, working from home and homeschooling their children seems to be a great option since this has its own advantages they don’t want to lose such as minimizing the delays in their everyday life, having some time alone and not having to deal with the toxicity in the outside world, somewhat a much cleaner environment and an increase in productivity, but nonetheless, it has its own complications as well scilicet you might be having a toxic environment at home end might feel as though you are socially isolated.

Working from home and homeschooling has consequently minimized the time we spent just getting ready for our destined places and minimized the delays we would otherwise have hassling for work and stuck in traffic jams. We now rather have plenty of time to focus on the work itself than complaining and building up random excuses for the delays that occurred- be it in school or at work. This has thus resulted in less stress and a boost in the overall work performance.

So as to reflect upon ourselves. Moreover, to understand oneself, we need some time in solidarity. Working from home has made everyone realize how important self-care is and how important our time work family can be. And this is something we have been ignoring for a long time. Alone time means that we no longer hear people’s opinions on us and when we understand ourselves, we do not intend to seek other’s opinions.

Moreover, seeing a significant drop in the vehicle use, the environment has become cleaner. Individuals working from home and homeschooling are now better-off since they are more connected to a cleaner environment. Remotely having to deal with pollution also results in a healthy and an active lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle results in an increase in serotonin level reducing stress.

Having some time with family and not having to consider the outside toxic world, giving back some self-care routine additionally signifies an increase in the overall productivity in both parent and the child. Having to interact with nature and breathing in fresh air allows one to become happier than they would have otherwise. Leading to a willingness to work, happier to do the work and certainly a happy family.

However, everything has its own downsides; therefore working from home can become a place of distraction for both parents and children. Parents having to deal with their child every time- be it while at work or when in an online class- can be very distracting and frustrating. Oftentimes, we even have a misunderstanding among one another and can become extremely misleading to one’s health and work.

Socially distancing from friends and relatives can more so become very draining for some. You can no more interact with your colleagues over a cup of coffee before heading on to work and children not having to spend time with friends can lead to you feeling socially isolated since you will not have anyone to share your work problems with and family can have a fallacy in these scenarios.

The nuisances can unquestionably be repressed nevertheless. Coming up with a new schedule for both patent and children can be a great head start. That way, you would not have clashes among one another and work can be less wearing. A separate for some time with family so as to not reduce the bonding is another great way to go. Furthermore, if you are having a hard time when alone and your feel as though you have been distanced not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well, then a video call with colleagues can become a relief. Creating a family-friendly environment makes you realize that you have not become isolated.

Most importantly, understanding that there are more benefits than the downsides of working from home and homeschooling gives you a feeling of reassurance and relaxation. Knowing that there are tough times anyways and defeating barriers on the way is a very strong approach. Having a purpose towards you and your family and not giving up is all that is needed while having a tough time. 

-Pranjali Rijal