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Skill Based Education: Roadway to Success

The World Youth Skill Day is an opportunity to celebrate the importance of equipping young people with skills. This day is widely known to bring backlight the mechanisms needed to operationalize lifelong learning. The theme of the 2020 World Youth Skills Day is, ‘Skills for a Resilient Youth’ because, in an ever-evolving world, today’s young people will need to learn new skills throughout their lifetime. The most important skill a young person can have is knowing how to acquire new skills.

Education with Skill is necessary!

Education is the process of transmitting values and is used to buildup knowledge of a society. It is inevitable to guide them to learn different cultures, molding their behavior like adulthood, and directing them towards their subsequent role in society for a better future. It is an enlightening experience. It is the process of giving or receiving systematic instruction.

How can education be acquired? Education can be obtained by theoretical knowledge and practical or through experience. There is always a debate among many people. Few of them share their opinion that theoretical knowledge is essential for everyone. They think that practical education isn’t real education. But today’s many people focusing on skill-based education.

Qualities of the practicability in the Education

1. Critical thinking

Individuals or groups can think critically in any of the situations if they are given practical knowledge. They analyze different issues from a different perspective and can share their argument logically.

2. Creativity

The students after involving in the practical field, they can use their mind properly and show their skills very creatively. They will start to work creatively in their career too.

3. Confident

Individuals will be able to tackle in any of the situations confidently. If this type of education is provided, then they will try to solve it instead of running away from it. This type of education can make them more successful in their field.

4. Problem-solving

They, by obtaining the practical knowledge, can be able to solve problems. They will learn the failures. They can make themselves ready to face failures too by seeing upcoming challenges in the practical field. They will make different plans on their own as they can be creative and confident too.

5. Communication

Communication is one of the important tools to be successful in our life. Skill-based knowledge will always be focused on communication with different people practically. It allows individuals to learn the method, different natures, and different problems regarding communication in their career period and they will also learn how to handle, which really will help them to reach to career.

6. Responsibility

Through practical knowledge and skill-based education, individuals will learn to be responsible, accountable, to be a leader in a different situation. They will start to participate. They will not escape the upcoming problems.

7. Decision-making

They can make decisions in a different situation if they will be incorporated with skill-based education. With the workshops or different ways of learning skills, they will start to make decisions, to work smartly. With the rising of problems, they will start to seek various alternatives to solve it.

8. Deep knowledge

The theory leads individuals to gain surficial knowledge. They will be not able to gain an updated version. Through the skill-based education, they will be facing present challenges. They will work accordingly. Students start to go through deep knowledge rather than mugging up the written matters.

9. Adaptability

All those problems in practical life can be adopted by the individuals, after learning and experiencing the fact. The theory doesn’t teach about the complications and management of it. The solution to the problem can be only experienced through different skills and practicability in education. They will start to be in patience.

10. Interesting

Skill-based learning is more interesting and practice-based. If any of the things in our life is interesting, then it’s obvious that we do it regularly. And “Practice makes a man perfect”. So, this directly leads positivity for a better future.

The very true fact is that many people are not able to get a job despite being the degree holder or Ph.D. holder. We can’t deny that they have very much theoretical knowledge but if the skills and practical knowledge are lacking in a person then they will be far from success. In the stage of the competition, the individual should learn to cope up with the increasing challenges by learning skills in their education. Skill-based education will teach to rise again after falling down. The practicability in education enables groups and individuals to tackle various issues and problems effectively which are commonly faced in daily life. Skill-based education or practicability in education directly impacts on the successful career.

Therefore, skill is our key asset, and we support in promoting skill-based education.