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“Technology” as a medium of Learning

Technology is best when it brings people together – Matt Mullenweg

Technology has become one and only one goal to make human life easier and safer. Technology had an influence on communication between people. The development of technology in education has benefitted a major section of society through various mediums and tools. The connection of technology has made learning easier and meaningful.

Education opens doors to unlimited opportunities. It is just a matter of knowing what you need and then setting the goal towards achievement after gaining the knowledge. Education can be considered as the transmission of the values and is used to buildup knowledge of a society. It is inevitable to guide them to learn different cultures, molding their behavior like adulthood, and directing them towards their subsequent role in society for a better future.

In the primitive stage, there were informal courses that used to be enculturation (the process of culture transmission.) The educational system used to be more focused to be virtue of being good in their community.  They used to participate in the social processes of adult activities. The community used to play the role of the teachers. Then the informal types of education had been recognized where the stone writing or different craves writing used to be twisted as the education.

Later the need for the continuation of these highly developed civilizations made writing and formal education essential. Then the schools and classes having students and teachers were formed. This system has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. Comparing to the traditional education system, it has lots of merits like students can learn many subjects, make lots of friends can acquire discipline, and learn some extracurricular activities. Unlikely they have to face lots of difficulties too. This system limits the knowledge for the students. They won’t always get a chance to know exactly what they want to learn. It’s costlier too because they have to go to institutions or schools, bus fairs and tiffin are necessary, lots of efforts should be put for all these. Hence, society being more complex, and schools becoming more institutionalized, online educations using different technologies are enrolling thousands of learners simultaneously.

Importance of Technology in Education

The use of technology has been gradually incorporated into the global education system over the years. The students can obtain the updated form of knowledge which is boundless and limitless. There are lots of e-learning that enables people to study from wherever they are without physically attending classes or lectures. It seems to be catchier and attractive to the students. They are receiving self-pace learning. It seems that knowledge is more and cost is less from e-learning technology. Many educational reformers have long held out hope that computers and other technologies can play vital and integral roles in bringing about long-term changes to education systems. The technology is making the students much more efficient than they had been. Due to the introduction of technology, the students now have the means to keep studying independently. This is how technology had made the teachers even more successful.

After COVID-19, many of the countries began shutting down schools and colleges temporarily. Because of online learning technologies, they could learn their course material, gain different knowledge of the world. Different private schools adopted online teaching methods through zooms, meets, skype, and so on. These types of tools make them updated. Their way of reading habit is not disturbed despite this unexpected holiday.

The pandemic situation is seen to be an opportunity for a few teachers who were not able to be familiar with the technology. They are also learning and adopting such tactics and the means and mediums for delivering their lectures. And students having access too are learning the different technologies. Also, the important role that technology plays in education gives teachers the opportunity to design meaningful learning experiences.

Thus, technology has become an essential aspect in today’s age we live in. Technology is an influential tool that can support and transform education in many ways, from making it easier for teachers to create instructional materials to empowering new ways for people to learn and work together.