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Skill Potential in Teenagers by Shubham Yadav (Winner)

“It’s a skill, not strength that governs a ship” clarifies that skills are very important. So, a skill is an art of doing something which is only built by deliberate practice for a long period of time. And the best time of our life to learn the skill faster is when a person is a teen, as their mind and body will be in perfect condition.

We may think when we are teenagers, we have more free time and enjoy our life, I slightly agree with it but just look at this quote by Mohammad Ali-“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion. ” So, I think we should utilize this precious time for learning skills too. Most teenagers are leading towards degrading their life by playing PUBG, Free Fire, etc. which ultimately will harm their physical, mental, and other all aspects of their life. They do these useless things which bring hype in dopamine level (happiness hormone) and later leads to serious mental issues and get addicted to playing games and watching videos.

Even the youths who have completed their academic courses like engineering are not getting a cheap paid job, whereas the younger teenagers with a special and unique skill or even dropouts are highly paid as they worked for years in a special skill. So, does that mean we should be dropout? Absolutely not until you have a clear and perfect plan. The type of skill can tell how much you can earn. If you have a common skill, you will have less chance of getting a job whereas different and your interest-based skill can help your business reach into the sky and you can get a highly paid job too.

I have been reading self-help, skills-related, and life-improving books, and it’s summary from the past 4 years. It may have changed my mindset, but I think it was useless reading books because I didn’t implement it in my life. We forget about 90% of the information we study from the book. So, if we have been gaining knowledge related to our skill or others, we must instantly take action towards it. We must take our precious life seriously, set priorities as there are many opportunities available, just needed to be explored.

As a student, we still have a lot of time and even if we give 20 minutes for 2 years for skill, we can be qualified for a highly required post or earn online. We should focus on building various kinds of skills, not just only focusing on building a resume with various academic qualifications. We give hours and hours for enjoyment, then why not working for 20 minutes for your skill? Gaming skills will not help everyone in their further life, but some useful skills will help in their emotional, career, and various aspects of our life.

Most teenagers want to completely learn a skill in a couple of days as they are impatient. They work very hard excitedly in the first few days but get bored and leaves it. Then the best thing to do is to enroll in a paid course even the cheaper one because we have a sense of investment and we will take it seriously and try to achieve at least the basics of the skill. Additionally, if there is a coach then it will be like killing two birds with one stone i.e., learning a skill and saving time. If we enroll even the best course in free, we may have less willpower of learning it completely.

Teenagers can master the skills in a very lesser time than others. There are various types of skills that teenagers can learn. Even self-improving skills are important because money is just a part of our life. We can learn a career-based skill like web designing, machine learning, etc. and health-related skills like doing yoga, exercising, etc. But the first skill to be learned is never giving up. We can use various techniques to learn a skill which is given in various books like “The 5 Second Rule”. Just learning only one skill will have a lot of good impacts on our life. During this lockdown, even I wasted some time, but I utilized it for mastering some skills, and believe me, I have noticed a lot of benefits.

Ultimately, the skill can be mastered by daily perfect practice. Being a teenager is the time when we can start to be what we want to be in the future. Failure is not the end but the part of learning. We must hope big but start small. It’s better to start slowly than doing nothing. So, start learning skills as soon a possible as time waits for no one.