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Technological Advancement: Do they facilitate better studying among young people or distract them from it? 

Technology has the ability to influence human existence. And that is possible by bringing new risks as well as improvements to our lives. Young people today are easily lured by the new inventions and technological advances. It gives them the ability to learn new skills, exchange ideas, and communicate with people all over the globe. While among young people facilitates better learning, more connection, and communication with people and allows them to explore new things, it also acts as a means of distraction, social isolation, and waste to time and all these really vary on how young people themselves utilize technology.

While communication is the most required skill to excel in any field of study, technological advances have especially allowed young people to communicate better among their peers. Not just linked to someone they have known for a long time. They can communicate, share ideas, and support other young people throughout the world. And it is to no surprise that this has acted as a huge stepping stone to become a better person academically and in life in general.

Looking at the current scenario, young people have been engaged in discourses all over the world through the means of technology. During the lockdown itself, if it weren’t for technology, young people would not be able to participate in various speech and debate tournaments held internationally as well. They would not be able to learn several courses available online. Young people have this far utilized their most time and in this regard, technological advancement has given them the opportunity to flourish and unleash their capabilities.

Moreover, it has become equally easier for them to access information on the topic of their research. In order to educate or advise people in their workplace, community, and schools, technology without a doubt comes in handy.

On the contrary, as we are aware that people tend to emphasize the bad much more than the good, it is to no surprise that young people allow themselves to get distracted because of technological advancement. It is mainly because they have access to technology with zero to no supervision and they mostly simply use it for entertainment purposes. mainly by lingering endless hours scrolling through social media.

Arguably, the most notorious stance would be that technological advancement has made young people heavily dependent on their devices and apps for almost everything, not being able to critically out forth their own ideas and unable to solve problems. Thus, affecting the social skills and their thinking capacity. It has acted as a means of distraction not only from their studies, but communication skills and social skills as well that young people would otherwise possess.

Quite obviously, technology has facilitated both better studying and research for youth as well as acted as a distraction and it is upon young people to be responsible for how it is used. If you are better able to have proper research and utilize this advancement to your best, then the outcome is definite to be the best.

Likewise, if you use it as a means of distraction, then it acts like one. Regardless, schools, patents, and going people need to be very aware regarding this and should be encouraged to be devoted to learning, nor merely knowledge, but good behavior too.

-Pranjali Rijal