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Skill Potential in Teenagers by Biyush Suwal (First Runner-Up)

Any person’s ability to do something in a specific way that could be attractive to others doesn’t come easy. By the time a person reaches a teen-age, he or she will have experienced some bitter-sweet things in life. Learning something specific besides studies could be the result of the individual experience of adapting to the environment. Teenagers definitely have some skills and potentialities of their own as a result.

Teenage, the most enthusiastic stage of a person’s life where the person feels and tries to learn something new at every point. Rise in the sense of competition and getting better than the crowd leads to the improvement of the skills within a person. Most of the skills depend upon what they learn in school, or else with peer groups: besides studies. It could be learning to play some musical instruments or maybe sports at which they could excel. Otherwise, it could also depend upon their interest like writing articles, poems, songs, freelance writings, etc. or maybe reading. Several ECA in school, programs in the society, imitation, mentor, or guidance from the teachers, friends, elders, etc. also helps in the improvement of skills in teenagers.

Despite of being the most energetic stage, teenage is also the most vulnerable (danger) stage where small wrong guidance or negligence can lead to several consequences like juvenile crimes. The age-old conservative thoughts about only prioritizing studies may even lead to a great loss of talent. Such thoughts may suppress true potentials forever. Whatever the skill it is, it has to be acknowledged and be given a healthy outlet. Most of the time, when the teenagers do not get admired for what they can and they are only expected to fulfill someone else’s (parents’, teachers’) dream merely by studying hard, they become depressed, distracted towards many undesirable activities.

However, if the teenagers are motivated, guided to enhance their interesting skills there might be the birth of several legends around. If the teenagers having potential in sports are motivated and aided, it won’t be surprising to see the legendary players like Pele, Sachin Tendulkar, Michael Jordan, Conor McGregor, Messi, Ronaldo, Maria Sharapova and many more in the future too. Likewise, if the teenagers having potential in singing and dancing is given a proper platform to enhance their skill, it won’t be surprised to see the performances competitive to Michael Jackson. Similarly, many more history creating legends may rise in the future if the skills and potentials of the teenagers are provided with a healthy outlet.

Present teenagers are the future hands of the world. They are the ones going to rule and lead the nations tomorrow. So, their skills potentials must be enhanced today without being limited within the words of books only. The world doesn’t run in a particular profession. The future requires many personalities like singers, dancers, players, teachers, doctors, scientists, businessmen, entrepreneurs, etc. in proportional ratio. Only the insects of books can’t run the generation ahead. Several skillful people having different potentialities are equally important for development, entertainment, and many more. So, the future pillars of a nation, future leaders are the teenagers of today who require proper nourishment and guidance to improve their skills for better tomorrow and better future in every aspect as the world runs rationally from all the aspects hand by hand.

Overall, till the age of teenage almost every teenager will have gathered some sweet-bitter memories and will also develop several skills from society, school, friends, etc. Not all the potentialities and skills within teenagers will be the same. Differentiation in culture, environment, interest, creativity, etc. the skills within the teenagers will also be different. Some might have potential in music whereas some in technology. No matter what the potential is or what the aspect is every potential skill should be equally respected and shaped by providing the golden platforms where the skills can be upgraded else the potentialities of the teenagers may fade away. Teenagers today are the leaders for tomorrow and tomorrow require different types of personalities to run the world smoothly. Therefore, there is no doubt that every teenager has certain potentialities and skills. Only the necessity is to recognize it, shape it, and glow it.