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The power of Knowing Yourself

Knowing your inner-self means knowing your goals, values and beliefs. Most importantly, it means knowing your purpose in life. If you want to achieve something in life, you need to have everything pre-planned. But planning everything does not ensure success because it is not everytime that things go accordingly. Therefore, having a sense of inner and outer excellence guarantees calmness in the face of adversity. 

Importance of inner and outer excellence 

While it is true that many do not reflect upon themselves, they fail to recognise their inner desires. They think that their life is defined only to a certain boundary. Some even spend their entire life thinking their identity is solely based on their workplace, the beliefs their families inculcated upon them and others opinions about them. 

But they need to understand that their real self is more than just being a family or a colleague to someone. It is more than where they work at. And that is why inner and outer excellence is important. It makes you understand your inner self. While at the same time you may be committed to your work, your family and you may hear others opinions about you, it makes you realise that these are mere extensions of life and there is so much more than this. Your outer and inner self will be inclined. 

Inner and outer excellence makes you realise that you are connected with your actual self. For instance you may be working at a great company, but at the same time you take your time out for meditation, playing your favourite sport or doing things other than what you thought was your identity and just living your life for others. Therefore, it allows you to live a conscious life of your creation and you will have a more collective perspective in life.

All these are beneficial because you not only understand yourself, but also the people around you. Your environment becomes healthier and happier since you help those in need. People are inspired because of you and you do not question anyone’s perspectives. 

Developing these excellence

Starting off, you need to remove all your presumed identities. Write down the things you love doing. Begin with asking yourself different questions. 

  • What is the purpose in my life?
  • What do I love doing the most? 
  • What are my motivations in life? 
  • What are my values and beliefs about the world? 

Dream about your future and make plans for yourself, but also understand that they may not go accordingly. Meditating every day is the best way to go. 

Most importantly, just taking a time off for yourself when you do not feel like doing anything and understanding your current emotion, what you ought to do next is also necessary. All in all, inner and outer excellence helps you become happier and let’s you know that any difficulties you face in life can be overcome if you know yourself, your life and the process of life. 

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