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Health and Happiness Workshop

Stress free mind and body are the essential assets in our life; we should be able to handle our mind and body in any situation. Today, people are transforming themselves towards the digital world; spending much of time in digital gadgets far from the physical world. Unfortunately, this habit of ours is dragging us in unhealthy habits, no exercises, no time for self-time, less social conversations, etc. While breathing happens automatically, most of us are unaware that working with the breath can give us the ability to manage our mind and emotions. In fact, every emotion you experience has a corresponding rhythm in the breath, by changing the rhythms of the breath we can change our emotions.

The Online Health and Happiness session brings a free holistic and integrated workshop which provides unique tools and techniques which help combat stress accumulated in our daily, modern life. Through yoga asan, pranayam, breathing techniques and meditation taught in this workshop one feels light, energetic and enthusiastic to take on life. This Art of Living session helped participants in boosting immunity through Pranayam, guided managing emotions through breathing and also provided some more tips and practice for energy management.

Mr. Caron Dhoju, Certified Yoga Instructor

The Online Health and Happiness session started with the introduction of facilitator; Mr. Caron Dhoju, (Certified Yoga Instructor) including participants. The session was led further with a very interesting explanation.

Mr. Dhoju shared the information on the Art of Living Organization. He asked participants to share their ideas and perspectives on what they understand by art of living. The participants also put forward different views and ideas.

He said that a heart needs to be happy and peaceful. We should always be calm in life and get rid of any kind of stress. How to manage this mind? We should know how our mind works. Heart  either goes in the past or present. When it goes to the past, it is to experience the past and learn. When the mind goes to the future, it ensures planning of the future. But when the mind is not in its present state, it cannot focus. People say they don’t have time, they cannot focus and their mind goes past/future. Heart needs to be consistent.  To bring that awareness to mind and heart, it comes from pranayama, breathing and Meditation.

Moreover, he added the theory of Survival of Fittest. In today’s busy world, we’re easily distracted, that often, there just doesn’t seem to be enough quality time available to spend on wisdom and master the art of self. To make the mind focused, he gave different ideas and techniques. Breathing techniques is the greatest source of energy. There are four main sources of energy: Food, Sleep, Breathing Techniques which helps to unlock the mind & fourth is a happy mind. He gave the advantages of Breathing. When the mind is clear, there is clarity of thoughts. It will make people happy and their efficiency increases after energy is managed. He practically engaged participants in a Breathing exercises.

The Online Health and Happiness session was very interactive which helped participants to learn ways to have relaxed and focused minds and also to boost their productivity and efficiency for professional excellence.