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Online Course: Practicing Inner and Outer Excellence

Excellence shows up the quality of your works and quality of your living. This session helped the participants to reflect their past experience and future plans and organize their goal & purpose of life with concentration and excellence. This session also discussed the reasons to live or why to work in other words the calling or the purpose of your life. 

The session was designed to make participants understand about the self-actualization practices that they are doing to improve the outer quality of life. It was also to make them familiar and understand practical applications of practicing Inner and Outer excellence.

The course was facilitated by Mr. Nischaya Subedi, Corporate Trainer.The facilitator started by sharing the interesting contents of the entire two hour long session. He explained that the session will cover ways to work towards inner and outer excellence. He explained that an individual needs to have their purpose of life, need to find out the reason of their life, their work and their wants. He also said that time is very valuable and all humans need to manage time for doing their work. He also conducted different activities that introduced the purpose of their life, and the participants were engaged to prepare a chart, table and practical works and adding their wish into all the sections. It was step wise learning with interesting activities.

He asked participants to reflect on their works under three categories- Good Work, Bad Work and Great Work. He stated a quote by a famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche- “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” He also asked participants why they wake up early in the morning. There were ideas unleashed but the major reflection of ideas was to inspire and be inspired. He also shared his experience of his life and also his inner purpose. He said that one must need to find their purpose of life and lead further for a happy and quality life.

It is said 7 billion people on earth has just 52 purposes of life. He showed those 52 purposes through presentation slides and asked participants to choose. They were classified as artistic, realistic, social, structured, investigative and enterprising purposes. Realistic purpose denotes building things, fixing & making things work, shaping environment, solving problems and moving things physically. Likewise, artistic purpose includes adding humor, creating molds, creating, composing & designing things, performing events, seeing possibilities, and writing things. Likewise a social purpose includes awakening spirit, bringing joy, building relationships, facilitating change, getting participation, healing wounds, overcoming obstacles, resolving disputes, creating trust and giving care. Moreover enterprising purpose includes – making deals, selling intangibles, exploring ways, persuading people, opening doors, starting initiation, empowering others, managing things and bringing out the potential. Structured purpose includes organizing, processing, operating and getting things right. It also includes straightening things up. The next purpose is investigative work that includes advancing ideas, analyzing information, discovering resources, investigating things, getting to the heart of matter, making connections, translating and researching things.

He also introduced three concept of work i.e. Bad Work, Good Work and the Great work. He defined bad work as the work which makes no difference, yet consumes time and energy. Likewise, Good work is the work that you do mostly and creates an impact. And Great work is those work which meets your purpose of life, is meaningful, challenging and makes a great difference. The participants prepared a pie chart depicting what percentage of bad, good and great work they do in their life. There were nine different activities, where participants needed to fill the form. They also filled their purpose and calling of their life, to demonstrate the creative output in their life.

In addition to this, he introduced the term Spirituality as the quality of being concerned with a human spirit or soul as supposed to material or physical things. He also added that a modern spirituality centers on the deepest values and meanings on which a people live. So he said one needs to develop spiritual feelings, to improve our inner excellence. People can practice inner excellence by practicing gratitude every day, developing spiritual muscles, practicing mindfulness meditation, reading and contemplating, indulging in fresh green places and taking in fresh air.

The two hours session actually provided direction to the participants to enhance and master their inner and outer excellence. It was truly a very inspiring short session, the values of learning were immense.