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My Dream Destination- Gosaikunda

Take the extra woolen socks,” Karuna advised me while backpacking.

It was the second of March 2019, hot within the Terai and cold within the Himalayas of Nepal. I, together with 3 of my companions, was preparing to travel within the Himalayas to the sacred lakes of Gosaikunda, the place famous for suppressing your lust for the adventurous spiritual aura. Karuna, a joyous woman, was one of three companions. We packed our bags and went onto the bed. But I didn’t sleep at all that midnight. Maybe because of the over excitement to chase my dream. Gosaikunda was my dream destination ever since I discovered it.

The next day around 7 a.m., we traveled for Dhunche on a cramped 7 hr bus ride. We reached Dhunche before sundown, a bustling area, surrounded by large Himalayan peaks and a good deal of lodges. We enjoyed the evening strolling around, had delicious food & the last shower for the coming 3 days.

The next morning, taking off our warm blankets, we tied the laces on, took up the bag, hold the stick, and walked through the grassy trail filled with a fresh air that moves downward & then uphill. We trekked through settlements, luscious green cliffs, and maple forest. On the way, we met a bunch of wonderful fellows travelers both locals & foreigners on the path, all cheerful faces greeting ‘Namaste ‘to every new. Overall, it was a long steady climb which made us tired. We got many temporary breaks almost at every stand that delayed us. By 7 p.m., we reached Chandanbari. It had been shadowy and troublesome to spot a lodge with torchlight. The lodge was packed, it bothered us, no house to lie after undergoing a tiring day. The lodge owner turned up with an idea of tenting. It had been our first involvement and bothered about safety, but had no choices allowed. To my wonder, camping clad to be one in all my finest memoirs. It was secure and entertaining to bed down under a blanket of stars.

Awakened by the cozy sun rays, the second day, we encountered the unparalleled views of a fascinating landscape and the rich culture of the Tamang community. It boosted our energy for further path. We again walked for laurebinayak through a jungle of giant conifers. Between the tall trees, we could see snow-capped mountains. Around 3 p.m., we reached laurebinayak, much colder place. It was a neater day for us; we got room, unlike the earlier day. The majestic mountain vistas further complimented us. After the dusk, we lit the fire within the dining room, sang, danced, and introduced popular Nepali songs to foreigners. After a while, we were served Nepali thali with the local taste. That was pleasant.

The last few kilometers to walk before getting the ultimate destination. On the third day, we sipped tea and proceeded. We were passing nearby snow-clad mountains with the stunning view of Ganesh Himal, Langtang valley, and buddha stupa at our back. It seemed artistic. We picked herbal medicines to stay distant from hypoxia as we headed uphill. As we climbed up, we found everything covered with snow. Never in my life had felt snow. What didn’t I do? I danced, played, jumped. It was magic. We enjoyed plenty that we forgot, we still had the ultimate treat. The trail was getting more slippery. Narrow carved path with snow was dangerous, one-foot slip and you fall meters below, much thrilled it was. After the hardships, we reached Gosaikunda at an altitude of 4380m, surrounded by magnificent mountains. The mountains were so near I thought I could even hug them. The sky was lighter. Despite the wind, there were no waves. The lake found frozen yet; it had been worthwhile. We mustered our courage to get into the center of a thin sheet of ice above the lake; we did. I felt the entire sky; the mountains cheered us. The lake is vital to Hindus. Lord Shiva is believed to have created the lake. We visited the temple nearby to seek blessings. I knew what heaven is. I was living my dream. After hours of wandering, we departed with a bucket full of stories to tell.

Walk to my dream destination amazed not only me with the majestic landscapes but taught me plenty of lessons either a value of unity, time management, or the importance of physical well-being. It directed me to love and preserve nature. Top of the above, the biggest regard was the Himalayan people. I dreamed. I lived. And to my dear readers, it’s once in a lifetime experience. Don’t miss the possibility to measure in a very piece of heaven.

Sabina Jamarkattel