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Keep Learning to Grow Skills!

Online learning is the thing we can rely on these days for our personal growth along with the skills we have and need to develop them further. Online learning can play a significant role in helping learners and educators to learn new skills and to make days more productive by skilling yourself. In addition, online learning can be a good option for you to do so. Online learning provides an opportunity to invest in yourself, disciplines to sustain your career, increase confidence, enhance skills, and develop self-worth.

Are you looking to brush up on career skills? How about picking up an opportunity to learn something new in this festive season?

As we all know, learning is fun and it makes you feel young. It’s never too old to learn. It is a bit like brain fitness. Our brains are like a muscle, they need exercise and like any fitness regime, an exercised brain starts working so much better. We are really so lucky now that we have access to a world of knowledge from the comfort of our homes. The combination of the internet and online learning platform provides an opportunity for every individual to gain skills. It is all there online, and we are grateful for that knowledge.

Glocal After School provides an online learning skillful platform for learners to grab opportunities to learn from skilled people. GAS allows both learners and educators to have uninterrupted communication during any form of online learning. Learners can easily get into the courses that are perfectly suited to their goals from simple courses to advanced courses.

Dashain is on its way; Glocal After School provides an exclusive offer for learners to learn about career skills at their own time, convenience, and pace. If you want to celebrate your Dashain by honing your skills then, it is the best utilization of time and to be connected with skilled people. 

Self-Learning Courses- Up to 25% Discount 

Self-learning courses are now available at Glocal After School. We are offering a 25% discount on Self- Learning Courses. Grab this awesome opportunity of learning from your comfort pass.

  • Career Lab/Graduate Program

Graduate Training program is a career booster training for graduating students and fresh graduates who are looking to get a head start on their professional life.

The most essential part of this course is learning to make a better version of CV and Resume understanding its differences. Along with this, the course will focus on sharing ideas to participants on preparing their CV and resume, Writing a Cover letter, Job Interview Preparation, and also provided guidance for Formal writings which included Email Etiquettes, Meeting Minutes, MOU Writing, and so on.

  • Secrets of Hospitality

In this course, you will learn and understand how the hotel industry operates and it will also provide insights for beginners to join the industry. The session is designed to guide you in learning basic knowledge skills and attitude essentials for the hospitality sector.

If anyone is interested in the Hospitality and Hotel Industry planning to further join the industry to have basic operations and insights.

Time is one thing that once spent, can never be earned back, and something that cannot be earned back is not spent; it is rather invested. So, let’s make good use of this time and learn something.

Don’t miss a chance to improve your learning skills. If you are looking to enroll in these self-learning courses, do not let the chances slip by. Go for it. And also, take advantage of these special courses by using COUPON CODE – #skillfuldashain. The self- learning courses offer is valid till 31st October. 

Now is the time to learn. Let’s make skillful Dashain!

       Keep Learning, Keep Growing, Keep succeeding!