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 Motivation: A Virtue of Life!

Motivation results from the individual’s desire to achieve objectives and to satisfy needs. In an organization, the best-motivated workers will help achieve their objectives as cost-effectively as possible, at school or in any teamwork, the most motivated person leads all that is necessary and carries the team in the right direction. In order to become motivated, one has to consider a lot of factors such as being content with your goals and values, your own personal expectations, keeping good relationships with friends and families, and many more. And these very factors later play a very important role later in life where you will be intact with yourself.

Keeping motivated 

Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation energizes, maintains, and enhances work and life. Practically, a motivated person is more likely to innovate, set goals, deliver quality work, lead an effective life, and become productive. Furthermore, a motivated person is less likely to get into conflicts and lack of focus. 

Likewise, keeping yourself motivated requires a lot. The first best way is to keep track of your daily life. What you like to do, what is the thing that is most important for you, and doing that first thing in the morning. Mainly keeping a schedule that fits you best keeps you motivated for the entire day. Secondly, making an achievable goal for the day or for the week for yourself and putting a timeframe on it is a very good step to keep yourself motivated. 

Moreover, using your family as a support for your career, for your goals is most important. Telling them what your plans are, making them help you set up with new plans and ideas, connecting with family and friends, spending some time with them makes you happy and that encourages you to become even more motivated. 

Positive self-talk means you care about your mental health which is important for you to become motivated. Because if you are not mentally healthy, then it is very hard for you to sustain the day, it will be difficult to keep yourself motivated. Mindfulness helps keep you relaxed and focused. More so, rewarding yourself after you complete a certain goal also makes you feel like you have accomplished something even if it is very small. 

These are basically some of the factors that keep you motivated and going in your life. These vital factors come in handy when you are ready and when you have peace inside of yourself. So to stay motivated, it is very much necessary for you to know what you like to do and what you don’t. 

Importance of Motivation 

When a person feels motivated and valued the person acts even more responsible. It helps you observe, act, and think consciously, you become more focused, let go of uncontrollable and lead yourself and teams effectively. 

Developing motivational skills is extremely important because critical thinking & motivational skills is an essential, pervasive part of our lives. We need to think critically whenever we consider reasons for or against some claim or action, something required in all fields of knowledge and all kinds of decision-making.

Also, in order to become a great leader, motivation is important as you are now more rational when you are motivated and you know how you think and what you are saying.

To learn how to keep yourself motivated it’s important to meditate, take some time out for yourself, appreciating oneself and you can also join the course “Motivation: The Hidden Secret in Leadership” to know more about how to keep yourself motivated and to be able to think critically.