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Learn to Grow Skills!

Do you know, being a good learner means you have a lot of possibilities for where and when you study, so you need to use them wisely. Did you ask yourself how you learn best? In which medium do you understand your learning skills to get information quicker and easier. You may be a student, career professional, entrepreneur, or work from home person. 

Every week, Glocal After School provides an online learning skillful platform for learners to grab opportunities to learn from skilled people. Learners can easily get into the courses that are perfectly suited to their goals from simple courses to advanced courses. We, Glocal After School, are unveiling the fastest-growing skills since the pandemic hits. This pandemic situation has made validation for online learning to be enhanced for better education. E-Learning has shown significant growth and it has become more important in people’s lives. In addition, Knowledge is indeed true power. So, put your knowledge to practice in all spheres of life for the better.  

Let’s pick up an opportunity to learn something!

Check out these expert-led courses, find your best learning skills by considering the various options. You will get good knowledge and benefit from what you learn by applying things in your personal and professional life. You can learn these trending skills from your comfort pass.

Communication Skills 

  • Effective Communication- A road to all-round success – In this course, you can learn to ratchet up your communication skills up a notch and walk comfortably on the road to overall all-around success. You can unleash your communicating potential by understanding different parameters, approach,es and framework of effective communication. If you are interested, you can enroll to discover your communication strengths to build effective relationships in your professional or personal lives. 

SDG Skills

Movers Workshop on Sustainable Development Goals – Workshop is designed to equip the learners with skills that will help them to broaden their knowledge about the Sustainable Development Goals. You can take advantage of this free workshop by registering before November 13, 2020. 

In case you missed it!

As we all know, Nowadays Online learning has become more popular in Nepal than before. A good learner can continue their learning journey and build the skills most relevant to them with the help of a skilled instructor in Glocal After School. In addition, both learners and educators are also getting chances to raise their skill-set. 

Did you miss the course in the month of October? If yes, you can enroll to stay up to date with the latest trends to build relationships with skills and develop your career goals.

Communication Skills

  • Growth Mindset; Positive mindset to excel in your life & career– This course is an attempt to help you get rid of your fixed mindset and help you achieve immense in both personal and professional life.  In this course you will gain a greater insight into the workings of the mind and help you discover the possibilities in your life. Enroll to learn ways to develop positive more soul-enriching thoughts.
  • Secrets of Hospitality -In this course, you will learn and understand how the hotel industry operates and it will also provide insights for beginners to join the industry. The session is designed to guide you in learning basic knowledge skills and attitude essentials for the hospitality sector. If anyone is interested in the Hospitality and Hotel Industry planning to further join the industry to have basic operations and insights.

Leadership Skills

  • Masterclass on Leadership– In this course, you will reflect on your competencies and help to develop qualities in you that make a good leader. This course will provide practical advice about how to be an effective leader. 
  • Motivation: The Hidden Secret – This course helps you reflect on your competencies and motivate you to improve your logical and critical thinking skills for a proactive and productive life. You can learn the most essential skill set of motivation and critical thinking.

Language Skills 

  • Everything You’ll Ever Need for Correct English – Learn the Mastery of grammatical concepts by simplifying grammatical rules and also find better ways to improve your English.

Writing Skills

  • Script Writing for Films and TV– You can explore the key concepts and fundamental principles involved in the process of scriptwriting.  You’ll learn how to create and polish a screenplay step by step.  You will also get information about the career prospects, being a scriptwriter. If you are interested, enroll and develop your best story ideas to craft a powerful script. 
  • Career Lab/Graduate Program– Career booster training for graduating students and fresh graduates who are looking to get a head start on their professional life. The most essential part of this course is learning to make a better version of CV and Resume understanding its differences. Along with this, the course will focus on sharing ideas to participants on preparing their CV and resume, Writing a Cover letter, Job Interview Preparation, and also provided guidance for Formal writings which included Email Etiquettes, Meeting Minutes, MOU Writing, and so on.

These skillful opportunities are provided to interact with experienced and professional trainers where you can enhance your knowledge and improve your learning skills. Lastly, we all need to keep learning and improving to be able to progress, set goals, and succeed. The initiation of footprints towards online learning has driven to create a wonderful journey.