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Building the Skills of Cognitive flexibility!

Whenever we are provided with a new skill set or face a problem, we do not change our thinking according to it quickly. Once we can think about multiple concepts, disengage from one task to another and solve problems more creatively, then it is known as cognitive flexibility. Confiding flexibility is therefore so important in both educational settings and the workplace. To practice flexible thinking, youths need explicit instruction and experiences. Some of the various ways to start becoming cognitively flexible are by changing your everyday routine, seeking new opportunities, thinking creatively, and going out of the comfort zone. 

If you are accustomed to following the same schedule and have the same monotonous lifestyle every day, then it is necessary to consider changing your routine. Start doing your everyday things differently so that you get a different perspective on new things and even the things that are usual to you. 

Furthermore, you can try writing a journal so that you can keep track of how your day was and what things you need to change about yourself to improve. This is a very simple way to start building your cognitive flexibility. 

Any opportunities that come your way should not be turned down. Being open to new opportunities and exposure makes your brain stronger, releases dopamine, and that thus, increases motivation, enhanced memory, and learning. New opportunities provide you with new ideas and you get to learn a lot from them. Seeking new opportunities does not only mean a job opportunity or research, it means traveling to another country, volunteering at different places, and other activities like learning a new language, musical instrument, and exploring new things about yourself. 

Another way to build cognitive flexibility is to make an effort to think in unconventional and creative ways or practice divergent thinking. Thinking both creatively and practically makes you excel in your education, transfer knowledge to entirely different areas of learning, learn, and teach new things. 

Creative thinking occurs spontaneously and involves thinking in terms of unlimited possibilities than a limited set of choices. 

Cognitive flexibility is, therefore, the most important aspect to gain more knowledge in life, become smarter, and think more rationally. It makes you realize your worth and once you have developed proper cognitive flexibility; it allows you to look at different things in life with a new perspective.