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Content Writing: An Emerging Career Prospects in Post COVID World

Do you want to flourish captivating content writing skills? Do you want to fit into one of the fastest-growing organizations in Nepal?

Some people write out of their interest, and others choose this as their career choice, and others write to express their feelings on paper. Writing is a dream job for many, but not for everyone. Some writers are hired to write valuable content for companies. It all depends on the focus, interest, and authentic writing skills you use. This writing experience is acquired through your innovative skills, critical thinking, and regular practice. Having strong writing skills helps you create a perfect vision for your readers. Your reader should have clear access to your points of view through your creative writing.

Content writing is a skills-based career. There is no specialized degree or course in the field of content writing. People who have the art of putting their thoughts into words can become good content writers. To become an effective content writer, you must write regularly. A content writer writes content for websites, blogs, articles, stories, newspaper articles, training modules, etc. 

Content is a form of writing that requires in-depth knowledge of the subject, complemented by excellent writing skills. Content writing skills are always in demand, and more so today. Good content should be unique, concise, grammatically correct, and in the proper format. It’s the simple formula for all aspiring writers who like to hit the big league of online content writing. Good content that appears online should attract the reader, increase search engine ranking and traffic, and increase the likelihood of quality links from other sites.

Skills You Need to Become a Good Content Writer!

Strong SEO skills: Today, almost all content writer jobs require a broad understanding of search engine optimization techniques. Some companies even specify these skills when evaluating candidates. But why does a content writer need SEO skills? Creative writing, content writing influences both the human component and the search engines. You need to understand terms like keyword search, search volume, SERP, and meta tags. Although SEO skills are not required, they will help you write high-ranking content for websites and blogs.

Research Skills: You cannot master how to become a content writer without research skills. As a content creator, your job starts with competitor analysis. You need to check out the excellent and terrible practices employed by the best players. Content writers should also know how to research low and high-volume keywords. Moreover, research skills are necessary to provide high-quality content that is attractive to users.

Communications Skills: Always keep your writing simple and focus on getting a clear message. Your communication skills involve sharing your ideas with a team and working with the feedback.

Originality: The value of a content writer is measured by their ability to create original content. You need to work to develop your own language. All written content must be original and well researched. Always set high standards of quality for yourself and try to reach them.

Adaptability: All content writing areas have different requirements. Therefore, any excellent writer must have the ability to adapt to the changing demands of content writing. All you need to do is identify your audience’s needs and include them in your content creation strategy. 

Scope of Content Writing 

The scope of content writing has tremendously increased in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. With a majority of jobs gone virtual, the demand for creative and analytical content writers is at an all-time high. Be it in the sector of education, health, or business and development, producing quality content in the form of a media article, blog post, advertisement copy, or professional email has become important.

If you look at,, even jobs on Facebook or any other online job portal in Nepal, you will find a lot of ads for positions of a content writer, blog writer, travel blog writer, team leader, copywriting content ad, copywriter and even content manager. The number of publications of this type will continue to increase. With the increasing demand for quality content writers, the biggest incentives for these types of roles are sure to increase. Therefore, even if you only have a basic knowledge of writing, you need to think well about content writing.

In Nepal especially, content writing is a flourishing sector. But rather than chasing after “what is the scope” as a writer, you should focus on the value you can add to a company’s business, and therefore “build your own scope”. There are many opportunities that already exist for content writers. Some of them are Content Executive, Content Writer, Content Associate, Content Specialist/Strategist, Senior Content Associate, Content Marketing Manager, Content Manager, Content Editor, SEO Copywriting, SEO Copyediting, Website Writer, Press Release Writer, Social Media Writer, Advertisement Writer, Video Content Writer, Screenplay Writer and many more. 

Writing is a dynamic profession. In today’s digital market, content writing has become a buzzword in an academic and professional circle. If you want to learn about content writing and polish your skills further towards becoming an expert content writer, Content Writing as a Lucrative Career in Post COVID World” course is for you. From students to workers in different sectors such as companies, development agencies and academic institutions, they can join this exciting course and get the desired benefit.

Identify your true potential and implement the skill qualities to become a PRO Content Writer!