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Let’s Get Skilled!

The world is becoming narrower due to globalization and technology enhancement. Additionally, the pandemic situation has made it more viable for online learning to be enhanced for better education. Online learning has grown exponentially since March. It comes in many forms, but it is primarily used for college education, certification training, and professional development.

The practice of online classes is not new, however, COVID-19 created the desperate need and hype of online get-together, formal-informal meetings, conferences, school, college tutorial classes, etc from local to global. Online classes, Facebook Live, webinar, zoom meeting have been a necessity nowadays.Today Zoom,Slack,Google meet and other sites have become a common platform for discussion and interaction for significant decision making at all levels.

Besides the comfortableness that online classes provide, they also make learners familiar with new technologies that are making online classes much more effective, more practical-oriented, and knowledgeable.

Today is the time to grab the utmost advantage of online learning.Online learning makes it simple and convenient to keep building vital skills for your future. The opportunities available for personal and professional development are nearly endless. The demand for skilled learner training is also on the rise because this is the best utilization of free time and to be connected with skilled people. 

Online learning has become more and more common, whether for comfort, adapting to work hours, or just having the freedom to study from anywhere. It has been an important aspect of learning in today’s life; focusing the thing- we, Glocal After School initiated new projects, building the platform to connect with skilled people with the ones who seek to get knowledge and skills in a certain area. We conducted 35+ online courses through which we were able to reach 5000+ youths. Also, we conducted 15+ online events that included online webinars, quiz sessions, interaction.

We build an online learning community of people who are interested in earning and sharing knowledge and skills. We paved our way towards skill development and coping with the challenges of navigating through uncertainty due to pandemics.

Furthermore, We are dedicated to helping our young learners truly understand how to develop our skills and how they can be used in lifelong learning. Lifelong learning is a wonderful way to keep growing personally. Meanwhile, it gives you many advantages, be it in your personal or professional life.

Overall, 2020 has taught us that we need to keep learning. It has been a time for constant change and learning on both worldwide and an individual level. This has been a momentous year for learning and, again,we shouldn’t leave that behind. Enthusiasm for upskilling and commitment to lifelong learning are already highly sought-after skills, but pandemic has underscored their importance further. If you would wish to keep that momentum going and upskill as we head into a new year, it’s time to appear forward to the longer term.

Be open in expanding the horizon of knowledge,and you won’t regret it. And let’s begin a skillful journey by setting some achievable learning goals!