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Skill Week -Enroll Different Skills in the Category of Science & Technology!

Every Skilled person was once a beginner. Now it’s a high five-time to get enrolled in Skill Week -2021.

You might be pondering about what Skill Week- 2021 is? 

Skill Week – 2021; a festival where we celebrate skills and are committed to providing real-world practical opportunities for youths in skilling. It is a week-long session of capturing skills full of events, creativity, skills, inspirations, and insights. This is a week dedicated to enrollment to workshops related to different skills, competitions, skill shows, case studies, learning hubs, and sessions along with employability opportunities.

It is dedicated to creating a skill practice; embracing and reflecting the diversity, quality, and opportunities within the nation, and overload youths with youthful insights and learnings as a respected resource for career advisors, parents, and students.

Similarly, Skill Week Festival covers the area of skills under the following categories: Art & Culture; Tourism & Hospitality; Science & Technology and Entrepreneurship. This event will help youth to Explore, get Engaged and Educate in the various skills.

Science and Technology

How do you use science and technology in your world-building? Do you use a more realistic approach or do you create yours from scratch? 

Nepal’s science and technology industry covers a diverse group of technical occupations in specialized areas such as information technology and telecommunications technology, etc. This is an exciting industry to be involved in, and you’ll be amazed at the career choices available to you. The world, shaped as it is today by the progress of science and technological inputs, is marked by the emergence of innovations and skills.

Here we bring you a series of workshops in the Science & Technology category at Skill Week 2021. It’s time to replenish your skills and boost your creativity. Science & Technology series offers comprehensive workshops of information related to different skills. If you are interested in it then you can get enrolled in the series of free workshops.

Cloud Computing Workshop

In this tech-driven world, having the best technology is supposed to be efficient, convenient, and necessary. One of the great tech phenomena at present is Cloud Computing. The fact that technology nowadays has a significant impact on business is evident. Not so long ago, enterprises had to build and manage their server environment so that they could host and run applications on their premises. Today, we have cloud computing, which is revolutionizing corporations and their operations. This relatively modern technology has been the backbone of corporations’ digital transformation. 

Cloud Computing Workshop will analyze and evaluate the business and technological advantages of cloud computing, gain a framework for evaluating cloud technologies for use in your company and learn how cloud computing can offer a successful solution to technical, business, and administrative challenges.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Career for the future

Artificial intelligence gets more and more important in our society. It has already touched our daily lives to a large extent. From the services we use on our phones to self-driving cars, AI is slowly making its way into most areas of our lives. It is an exciting time to get started with AI. The progress in AI is happening at a breathtaking pace, which makes it difficult to get started with the field as there is always more to learn. Artificial intelligence has moved beyond the hype and now many companies are implementing AI to a greater extent.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the backbone of today’s modern world and it’s leading to almost every sector. This also has attracted tons of people to develop an interest in the AI field. But many here are still beginners and want to know which path they have to take to begin their journey in AI. All the interested individuals participate in ‘Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence’, a workshop designed for beginners to help them start their journey on Artificial Intelligence.

Microsoft Excel Workshop

Are you ready to brush up on your MS Excel skills? Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for learning the basics of data science and machine learning. Using Excel is a vital skill that will enable you to become more efficient and productive in your professional life.

MS Excel Workshop features to provide insider secrets on how excel works and how you can use the hundreds of tools available to solve challenges you face every day and unnecessary stress. It can be programmed to access data from external databases and is an excellent tool for data modeling, statistics, and financial calculations with built-in functions to quickly and easily perform common tasks. Proficiency in Excel is typically required for accounting, business analytics, data analysis, and statistics jobs. For beginners, this Excel will help you to learn Excel basics.

Flutter Workshop

Flutter is an open-source mobile application development framework created by Google. It is used to develop applications for Android and iOS, as well as being the primary method of creating applications for Google Fuchsia. Flutter works with existing code, is used by developers and organizations such as Alibaba, Google Ads, Tencent, and more around the world, and is free and open source.

Flutter workshop will cover an introduction to Flutter, Basics of Dart, Coding using dart & Hands-on development of a simplistic app.

Financial Literacy workshop

Financial Literacy brings stability to the future. It is important to minimize your stress around money. Financial decisions can’t be made in a vacuum. Resource and money management requires an understanding of the economic landscape and how to prepare for future occurrences. If you want stability, you need a solid foundation in financial education.

If you want to make better decisions about your money and resources, you must understand the intersection of personal finance, financial concepts, and financial planning to build on your current wealth and provide long-term stability.

Financial Literacy Workshop helps you see your entire financial picture in a clear light so that you can make the best decisions about your financial goals.

Data Science Workshop

Data science is a concept to bring together ideas, data examination, Machine Learning, and their related strategies to comprehend and dissect genuine phenomena with data. Data science is an extension of various data analysis fields such as data mining, statistics, predictive analysis, and many more. Data Science is a huge field that uses a lot of methods and concepts which belong to other fields like information science, statistics, mathematics, and computer science. Some of the techniques utilized in Data Science encompasses machine learning, visualization, pattern recognition, probability model, data engineering, signal processing, etc.

The Data Science Workshop, therefore, focuses on building up your practical skills. Committed to level up the data skills and knowledge across organizational in a practical, engaging, and sustainable way. This workshop provides a venue for innovative data science skills that solve business and societal problems. 

Data Scientist has been a shiny title to have over the last couple of years but is that shine starting to fade away. By examining certain economic factors we can determine if the data science industry is still blooming like it once did.

Learning new skills is about seeking and creating opportunities for both personal and professional development. This time, the Skill Week-2021 event focuses on developing essential skills for initiation and professional growth through training, interactions, workshops, and competitions. It will help you to think differently and solve your problems from a new perspective to reach your goal. So buckle up your skills and bring out your creativity to the full of opportunities and be a part of Skill Week 2021.
Where there is a SKILL, there is a way. With your SKILL & Knowledge, achieve your goals as now it’s time for #skills2grow4life!