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13 Skills You Have Learned on the first day of SKILL WEEK 2021!

In the 21st century, building our SKILLS is one of the greatest assets. The development of skills and building the Ecosystem for Skill to Employment is mandatory in today’s lifestyle. With this in mind, Glocal After School conducted a ‘SKILL WEEK- 2021’ event for youths to boost their insights, creativity, and learn through a reality check. This event delivered some exciting opportunities to ensure youth develop the right skills they need to succeed in the changing market. It also helps youths to fill the gap between the skills people learn and the skills people need.

The envisioned skill set, which we all should possess to keep up with the fast-changing modern world is a combination of Skills. Skill week is providing different interactive workshops regarding respective skills by different organizations at the various venues throughout the week.

Learning Skills at Skill Week 

One of the best skills to acquire in the 21st century is to be a life-long learner. And the best way to be a life-long learner is learning skills. Here are some of the skills for today’s youths that need to succeed in their careers.

The thirteen skills are: 

  1. Entrepreneurship Skill
  2. Policy Formulation Skills
  3. Decision Making Skills
  4. Problem Solving Skills
  5. App Development Skills
  6. Management Skills
  7. Creativity Skills
  8. Management Skills
  9. Communication Skills
  10. Financial Skills
  11. Acting Skills
  12. Presentation Skills
  13. Performance Skills

Above, these skills are intended to help youths keep up with the lightning-pace of today’s modern markets. These skills are learned in different interactive workshops at the Skill Week event.

The first workshop on ‘Nexus between Policies & Entrepreneurship’ by Samriddhi Foundation was focused on the inter-relationship between public policy and entrepreneurial environment where participants got to know more about policies related to business, major challenges to small, mid & large industries, requisites for the conducive investment environment, how public policies affect the business environment, and entrepreneurs.

The second interesting workshop was all about film making & its prospects, titled – ‘Prospects of Filming & Performing’ conducted by Everest Film Academy-EFA. This workshop addressed the needs of students interested in the film sector.

The concept of Financial Knowledge, financial goal, taxes, insurance, and the essence of being financially literate was explained to our participants in the third workshop of ‘Financial Literacy’ by eSewa- Nepal First Online Payment Gateway.

Likewise, a very creative online ‘Flutter workshop’ by Chaitanya Design was all about Introduction to Flutter, Basics of Dart, Coding using dart & Hands-on development of a simplistic app.

Creating a Skillful day with Skillful Learning is the most essential learning of the day!