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Nabil Skill Hero Award – An Award to Honor Skills!

Sharing your SKILLS and working together makes every effort stronger! 

What’s the best skill that would have the greatest impact on your life, your profession, and your society? Does your skill story inspire and motivate others? 

Investing in skills is key to both professional and personal growth, whether you’re focusing on developing the skills necessary to stand out in the pool of candidates for a job, or learning something entirely new to prepare for a role, industry, or personal hobby. Today’s market seeks to mobilize the ambitions and skills of the new generations to build a better future for themselves and for the world. 

We believe recognition is an incentive that Change Makers deserve, and through the Nabil Skill Hero Award, we are building a platform for honoring individuals who have achieved success using their skills.

You might be wondering; What is Nabil Skill Hero Award?

Nabil Skill Hero Award is part of Skill Week, a festival where we celebrate skills and are committed to providing real-world practical opportunities for youths in skilling. It is a week-long session of capturing skills full of events, creativity, skills, inspirations, and insights. 

Skill Award is an honor and recognizes the hardship and passion in respective fields over the years and awarding them with Nabil Skill Hero Award. Nabil Skill Hero 2021 is an award to honor individuals who have practiced skills to equip them for life and work. This is an award given to recognize skills and the impact of an individual in the society on each category i.e. Art & Culture, Entrepreneurship, Tourism & Hospitality, Science & Technology. 

Why Skill Award?

Skill Award is a great program and a wonderful initiative about promoting skills in young Nepalese people. It also helps to make young people aware of the Need for Skills for Jobs in Nepal and also recognizing the personalities who have achieved success by their skills. Hence, it encourages & succors young people in Nepal where skills would take people and things can be done in Nepal.

Reminiscence of Nabil Skill Hero Award 2020

A year ago, we started an amazing journey to honor individuals and highlight each individual’s skills to a global audience. On the occasion of Skill Week 2020, our personalities from four different industries who have ‘achieved success by utilizing their skills’ were honored for their contribution;

For the first pillar i.e. Tourism and Hospitality, Ms. Ambika Shrestha, Chairperson at Dwarika’s Hotel was honored as Nabil Skill Hero as she has been an influential figure in terms of tourism and making it possible for others to find work within this sector.

For the second pillar i.e. Science and Technology, Mr. Bishwas Dhakal, Founder of F1 Soft International Pvt. Ltd. was honored for his efforts to provide a digital ecosystem that connects people in Nepal to financial services in simple, affordable, and secure ways.

Likewise, Ms. Mithila Sharma was honored for her dedication in the field of Art and Culture, she has been recognized as a very versatile actress and a legend in the Nepali movie industry. 

In the Entrepreneurship category, Mr. Nakim Uddin, Chairman of Team Quest, QFX was honored with the award for his pioneering contribution in the entertainment industry of Nepal and also for his inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs who pursue to establish ventures that are based on their passion. 

Likewise, this year; personalities from four different industries who have ‘practiced skills to create impact’ will be felicitated in the award ceremony. We thrive in spreading our wings and reach out to more aspiring individuals across every nook and corner of Nepal. We want to recognize creative minds and their contribution. It is a matter of great pleasure to recognize skills.

Moreover, skills are important and the recognition of Skills truly adds the values in life. A skillful individual gets the honor for their work & Skills makes an individual stand out in their personal and professional journey. 

Let’s create an environment for uplifting SKILLFUL NEPAL!