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Skill Competitions: Promoting Skill Excellence

Do you know, competition is always a good thing. It energizes us to do our best. It will serve as a platform for young people to showcase their skills in various Skill Competitions in different categories such as writing, photography, film making, art and programming skills.

Skills Competitions are the gold standard of skills excellence. They inspire young Competitors to reach new levels and help them turn their passion into a profession. It develops opportunities for young people around the globe, through exciting and diverse skill competitions. Skill competitions are the core activity that generates enthusiastic interest among youth offering opportunities for benchmarking their skills and joining forces to showcase their skills in different themes and subjects of the varied competitions.

As we have come up with the skill week, Do you know what Skill Week is?

Skill Week – 2021; a festival where we celebrate skills and are committed to providing real-world practical opportunities for youths in skilling. It is a week-long session of capturing skills full of events, creativity, skills, inspirations, and insights. This is a week dedicated to enrollment to workshops related to different skills, competitions, skill shows, case studies, learning hubs, and sessions along with employability opportunities.

It is dedicated to creating a skill practice; embracing and reflecting the diversity, quality, and opportunities within the nation, and overload youths with youthful insights and learnings as a respected resource for career advisors, parents, and students.

Similarly, Skill Week Festival covers the area of skills under the following categories: Art & Culture; Tourism & Hospitality; Science & Technology and Entrepreneurship. This event will help youth to Explore, get Engaged and Educate in the various skills.

Skill Competitions provide a great platform to display the knowledge and the skills you have amassed. Here we bring you a series of competitions that has been announced at Skill Week 2021 which includes – “Domestic Tourism Photography Competition, Essay Writing Competition, Art Competition, Film Making competition and Hackathon competition.

Essay Writing competition

Writing is an art of expressing our thoughts and views. Writing is something that both stimulates the mind and helps pass the time. It is an art that needs practice regularly. Language may be a medium of communicating our ideas, thoughts or feelings within the writing. There is always more to learn and ways to sharpen your writing skills and abilities.

The ability to write is probably the most formidable art that organizes the words into a sentence or sentences besides the meaning of transmitting ideas in the form of a script. It is a perfect scheme to write and express your points of interest on the topic you want to address to your audience & listeners. It can help learners develop their ideas and develop their critical thinking skills to summarize, examine, and analyze their writing.

National Essay Writing Competition for the Skill Week event 2021 is being organized to provide a platform for passionate writers to showcase their creative writing skills on the given topic with the theme – Need of Skills in Youth.

Film Making Competition

In the technological world, film making is considered as a contemporary art form consisting of many art forms such as acting, direction, cinematography,  music, dance, editing, and many others, which enhance the audience attraction. Every filmmaker needs proper knowledge about film making and different steps to make a decent movie.

The film making competition is being organized to provide a platform for aspiring filmmakers to showcase their talents, compete for opportunities and enhance their skills. The film making enthusiasts can showcase their skills demonstrating their creative ideas related to skills, and employability. Film making competition encourages participants to showcase their vision and creative skill stories. The theme of ‘2- minutes film making competition’ is – Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Lives.

Domestic Tourism Photography Competition

Is photography your passion? Have you ever captured an exhilarating view of nature and the life of society within the natural environment of Nepal?

The Domestic Tourism Photography Competition is being organized to provide a platform for passionate photographers to showcase their photography skills promoting domestic tourism. 

Themed “Promoting Domestic Tourism”, this photography competition is being organized with an initiative to promote domestic tourism as this is an endeavour of ours to promote Nepal as a peaceful nation eager to welcome tourists from the domestic as well as international arena. So, all interested participants can submit photographs from different parts of the country far and wide showcasing the local unexplored beauty of the country. Photos can be taken anywhere across Nepal and should be original content filmed by the entrant.

Art Competition

We all have dream destinations that have captured our interest and a piece of our hearts. Some of these places have been on our bucket lists for as long as we can remember. While others have sprung up along our travels, from conversations with fellow travelers or reading travel blogs & witnessing its beauty in form of pictures. This time, we want you to explore your dream destination in the form of art. You can introduce colorful & creative art ideas to introduce your favorite destination. It is a beautiful platform to express your feelings through amazing art work that can be sketched, paintings or colorful artistic framework.

Art Competition is being organized to provide a platform for passionate artists to showcase their creativity into art forms. The theme of the artwork competition is ‘Flying with Turkish Airlines – My Dream Destination’.

Hackathon Competition

Hackathon is a short-time event (limited to days) that focuses on problem-solving and quick-thinking skills. During the hackathon participants typically form teams and engage in intensive collaboration over a short period of time to complete a project that is of interest to them. Due to their versatility as means to develop innovative ideas, add features to existing software, foster learning, tackle civic and environmental issues, and build new or expand existing communities they have been adopted by various domains such as entrepreneurship.

While hackathons are a great way for everyone to meet and collaborate with others in their field of expertise, there’s also a competitive side. Hackathons challenge attendees to exhibit their ability to innovate and create compelling, real-world solutions, utilizing the latest devices and technology. One of the biggest benefits of attending a hackathon is learning new skills and obtaining new knowledge. Skill hackathon will foster creativity in you and accentuate your notable achievements.

The hackathon competition is being organized to provide a platform for passionate individuals to showcase their skills & collaborate to solve any problem using computer programming. 

Now, this is the time to skill up, learn and chase your skills and incorporate them with creativity. This is an amazing opportunity to test your skills. It is the perfect platform to show your skills at the largest gathering of the brightest minds at Skill Week 2021 and win exciting cash prizes.

The more we focus on developing SKILLS, the more competent we become. So, let’s follow your dreams and use SKILLS to make a better world for tomorrow!