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Discovering Skillful Learning!

Skillful learning is the process by which learners examine and evaluate their feelings, experiences or beliefs about learning to cultivate and grow self-knowledge about how they learn best. It is a willingness to try and fail and then try again with a new approach. It is a willingness to consult those who know when you get stuck and are not able to move forward. It is about being able to connect and integrate information into your experience of the world. It is about following your interests and passions.

Skilled learners are motivated and positive about learning. They seek knowledge and understanding and avoid failure. These days, expanding your knowledge and skill base is more of a requirement than a choice. You will also discover immeasurable satisfaction in learning. Whether for hobby or professional reasons, learning brings joy and satisfaction, regardless of age or professional level.

Creating Skillful Learning Environment

Glocal After School conducted a week-long skills development program- Skill Week 2021 for youngsters to broaden their insights and skills in various fields.

The skills you have learned on the 5th & 6th  day of skill week 2021 are listed below;

  1. Acting Skills
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Critical Thinking
  4. Concentration
  5. Meditation Skills
  6. Technical Skills
  7. Calculation Skills
  8. Excel Skills
  9. Data Analysis
  10. Writing Skills
  11. Communication Skills
  12. Critical Thinking
  13. Emotional Intelligence
  14. Decision-Making Skills
  15. Coding Skills
  16. Technical Skills
  17. Creativity Skills
  18. Critical Thinking
  19. Team Work Skills

In the light of the above-mentioned skills are highly effective for learners & educators in the modern-day workplace to facilitate personal & professional growth. These skills can help in your journey to becoming more capable and confident. There were five different interactive workshops regarding respective skills by different organizations at the various venues conducted on the 5th & 6th day of Skill Week event and they are mentioned below;

  1. Theatre Workshop
  2. Microsoft Excel Workshop
  3. Data Science
  4. Agile Workshop
  5. Script Writing Workshop

On the fifth day, Theatre workshop was conducted at Sarwanam Theatre, by Srijana Sutra which explained the way to become a good actor. Likewise, a very interactive MS Excel workshop was conducted by Skill Best Training and Job Placement, where participants learned the basics of Microsoft Excel.

On the sixth day, a Career Workshop on Agile Mindset was conducted by Jobs Dynamics, followed by a Data Science workshop by Young Innovations. The day ended with a Script Writing workshop by Srijana Sutra, where participants learned the basics of scriptwriting.