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Hard and Soft Skills for Professional Excellence!

Employment demands are always changing – are you up to date on what skills are in demand? Do you think soft & hard skills matter?

In this modern world, skills are something that makes you unique, successful and a better person. A human being requires skills to survive in this competitive world. There are certain things that are important according to workplaces. 

There’s no way around it. In your job hunt, your skills matter. They tell potential employers not only what you can do, but how you can do it and even who you are. All your skills can generally be divided into two main buckets: Hard Skills & Soft Skills

Both hard and soft skills are equally important to be successful in life. Hard Skill is measurable and teachable skills that are essential to get your work done while soft skills are the traits that you need to be a good employee or a person.

What are the benefits of having both skills?

Hard and Soft Skills are important because they help to increase your work productivity and make you successful in your future career. Having such skills is not only important for your professional growth but also useful for your everyday life.

  • Guides you to achieve future career paths;
  • Helps you to build relationships and solve problems;
  • Increase your ability to work productively and efficiently;
  • Helps you with Time Management and Adaptability;
The Importance of Skills in the Workplace

It should not be surprising to see that employers look for individuals who can handle the issues that arise in an organization. The solution may depend on the position or maybe a combination of both hard and soft skills.

The most common and also the main difference between hard and soft skills is that it is possible to obtain hard skills through teaching or rigorous training. On the other hand, soft skills cannot be taught. Well, it is a natural process of growth. We can even say that hard and soft skills are very important to be prepared for professional and personal life. With a combination of both, it is not difficult to understand what the real world wants from you or your profession.

Below you can find 10 Hard and Soft Skills that are necessary for you to implementing these skills in your daily life for professional growth;

  1. Writing Skills
  2. Creativity Skills
  3. Analyzing SKills
  4. Cooking Skills
  5. Kitchen Skills
  6. Management Skills
  7. Business Skills
  8. Critical Thinking Skills
  9. Problem-Solving Skills
  10. Entrepreneurial Thinking

Enthusiastic participants learned these amazing skills on the fourth day of Skill Week-2021. Skill Week is a week full of events, creativity, skills, inspirations, insights. This event delivered some exciting opportunities to ensure youth develop the right skills they need to succeed in the changing market. It also helps youths to fill the gap between the skills people learn and the skills people need. Skill Week is providing different interactive workshops regarding respective skills by different organizations at the various venues throughout the week.

We had a very interesting workshop on the fourth day with the first workshop on “Culinary Journey from the Chef’s Journey”. This workshop was delivered by the Executive Chef of renowned Hotel Soaltee Crowne Plaza. Here, our participants got an exciting opportunity to witness the mastery of kitchen fundamentals like knife skills and sanitation and exhibit an understanding of classical cooking techniques.

Likewise, the second workshop was on “Travel Writing” conducted by Nepal Traveller. In this workshop, participants learned various skills from an intensive introduction to the art and practice of travel writing.

The day ended with the last workshop on “Ideas into Reality” by Antarprerana. Enthusiastic participants got an opportunity to learn different ways to turn their idea into reality in business navigating through uncertainties in their entrepreneurial journey.