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Grow Your Adobe InDesign Skills! 

Adobe InDesign instructs you how to create visually appealing documents for both print and digital media. InDesign is the best tool to use for all of your print-related projects, from books to pamphlets to digital magazines. 

This 7-days online course on “Adobe InDesign Course for Beginners” was designed to teach the essentials of page design and layout software. It was also guided to learn and create simple advertisements, formatting and packaging creative work for future use.

The course was facilitated by Mr. Naresh Man Shrestha, Creative Designer. Mr. Shrestha is currently working as In-house Creative Graphic Designer in Nepal Republic Media (Nagarik, Republica). He completed his Bachelor’s in Advertising & Graphic Design from WLCI College – Nepal. He has more than 12 years of experience in the Graphic designing field. He also possesses skills in product photography, with exceptional creativity and innovation in the graphic designing arena.

The following were some of the takeaways from the session:

Mr. Shrestha started the session with a general introduction about Adobe software which includes Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator. Along with that, he demonstrated some samples of advertising designs. He explained that InDesign is used when multiple pages are required, such as in a bank report, annual report, newspaper, books, magazines, text calendars, flyers, and brochures.

Additionally, he highlighted the different icons and tabs that are used in InDesigns in detail. He clearly explained how to import and export documents, create new files, and create a business card or visiting card.

He started introducing the various icons and tabs available in InDesigns. He illustrated how to create business cards on both sides of the page, explaining features such as the selection of tools and the highlighter. Mr. Shrestha proceeded over each step in detail and asked participants to show their screens so he could assess their progress. The participants were very interactive, and they interrogated him as well. 

Similarly, Mr. Shrestha explained how to build skills and confidence in navigating InDesign and using its key tools by starting with the basics. He advised participants to create layouts ranging from single pages to multi-page documents. The third day was focused on creating an ID card that included contact information. He flew over every detail with the participants and guided them through the process of learning to design. He also showed them how to use the InDesign toolbox and its components to create company promotional brochures.

On the fourth day of the course, he taught participants to create a Newsletter. The fifth and sixth days were dedicated to creating a Desk Calendar. During the design of these components, a lot of information was shared. He taught different ways to create design exporting word files in InDesigns on the sixth day.

In this session, participants learned the important Adobe InDesign tools and techniques. Apart from that, they get information about the Editorial Design, Page setting, Setting Up a Document Bleed, Placing Images, Combining Text and Images White, Type on a Black Background, Constructing simple advertisements, Layout a multi-column page. 

Above mentioned several helpful tools and techniques helped you in mastering Adobe InDesign to propel your skills and unleash your creativity.