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Essence of Skill Development!

Skill is the ability to use one’s knowledge effectively and readily in execution or performance. While knowledge alludes to the way we realize, understand, and remember information, skill refers to the way we choose, use, apply such knowledge in diverse circumstances. Think about writing an email, everyone knows about email but they may not know how to write it for different contexts, purposes, and for a different audience. Thus being able to write is also one of the communication skills.

How Skill and Education are Related?

Skill is one of the most important topics in the education arena especially when the world is giving more priority to competency-based reforms. Education that doesn’t make it practically useful in the intellectual domain is of no use. Obtaining a master’s degree is insufficient if one lacks the basic skill required to operate the day to day task. The current generation lacks the necessary skills and there is a humongous gap between the skill existing in the person and the skill required by the industry. Critical thinking, leadership, teamwork, communication skill, problem-solving skill, adaptability are essential skills that are required in everyday work. A lot of HR will evaluate you from your CV and educational degree but almost every hire will happen after an interview, which comes under soft skills.

In addition to this, the dramatic change in the global economy with the transformation of technology has a great impact on education, the workplace, and our life. To be able to increase to cope up with the increasing pace and present-day life, skill development is very important.

Benefits of skill development

Preparing for Future

Skill development introduces the student to employment skills at a very young age. Problem-solving skills, critical thinking, teamwork are the ladder of success in life. It prepares for future challenges and opportunities.

For Better Opportunities

There are few students who may not be academically strong and may have weak qualifications but introducing skill training encourages weak students to equal opportunities.

Preparing for Career Prospects

Skill training at an early age shall provide them with a clear picture or clear understanding of different career options. It shall be helpful for future development.

Benefits for Society

The more we develop life skills, the more we become aware of the diverse world which would benefit the world. Respecting diversity and recognizing cultural awareness shall help to flourish a more developed society.

Personal Development

Learning skills will not only increase opportunities but also contribute to empowering an individual. Soft skills like communication, critical thinking, empathy enhance personality development.

It is correctly said that children must be taught how to think and not what to think. Vocational and life skills are to be encouraged. In a digital era of competition, opportunities are found in every corner. The need of the hour is to develop practically sound and useful skills. Where the wants and needs are constantly changing, the pattern of growth and development is constantly evolving, it is becoming more and more necessary to be relevant and learn the required skill. Because at the end education helps you understand the concept but skill helps you create a solution or product.