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A Note to Skillful Me by Manoj Bagale

Skill means the potentiality to do something with purposeful results. It is that ability due to which any organism survives. For instance, let’s imagine a scenario where a tiger is hunting for a deer. For that moment, the tiger should be possessed with the skill to rush quickly and finish off the deer. The deer, on the other hand, should be able to run faster than the tiger to save its neck. Now, you may have been astounded by my opinions. You may ask, “Does a tiger need to be prepared to chase a deer?” Before you say, “Are you ridiculous?”, let me put my perspective here. What is believed is, no one is born skilled, or let’s say neither of us is God-gifted. The only gift that we have received is our life itself. The rest is everything upon us. 

Now, let’s get back to the point. The abilities of the tiger to chase, rush, and tear flesh are its life skills and those are sufficient for it to survive. We often think skills are solely part of human life, but that’s barely the case. Every organism must be possessed with the skills that they require in order to survive. Since humans are the most advanced creatures, our skills are not only limited to the ability to walk, eat, sleep and excrete. Unlike tigers, we need a broad range of skills to contribute to modern society. We should have communication skills so that we can deliver our speech fluently. Likewise, we should be capable enough to build relationships of trust, respect, and productive interactions. Social skills, technical skills, labor, and life skills are also equally crucial for us.

As for me, I have always been intrigued to possess all the fundamental skills in life. I understand that we cannot dive into all the professions we prefer, but in case, a wire gets ruptured in my house, I won’t roam here and there searching for an electrician. I have developed skills to manage the cut wire pretty comfortably. So, that’s what I call ‘technical skill’. Not to mention, I always try to improve the way I interact with people. Yes, you guessed it – I tend to develop my communication and social skills. 

 Since technology is evolving every second, I also prefer to be a part of it. I’m interested in software development. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a 22% growth of employment opportunities for software developers from 2019–2029 and their salary is likely to be increased by 3 times. I am not only fascinated by this increasing demand, but I have a determination to pursue my career as a successful “Software Developer”. And it seems like this data will turn out to be true. Everything is digitalized now. It was only 10 years ago when my grandfather used to exchange a kilogram of rice with a bucket of millet. We could merely see the transaction of goods via cash. Today, we don’t even use cash, it’s the era of digital payment now. Even in a grocery shop in remote areas, I can see, a QR Code on Digital Payment hanging on the wall. What a pace for digitalization! How fast our time has changed. It almost seems like a dream, doesn’t it?

 Therefore, skill is an integral part of our life. We should develop as many skills as we can. If we have a skill, there is no need for us to run around with CV and certificates in our hands. Employment opportunities always come to us. It may sound like a motivational line, but it actually isn’t. Let me give you an example of mine. I am currently involved in freelance. I display my programming and web-designing skills in my portfolio and people come to me requesting to accomplish a web design or a web application for them. Doesn’t it sound fascinating? Yes, it surely does. It’s the best way to earn money at my age. I can learn and earn at the same time. It will strengthen my skills and eventually brighten my career as a Software Developer. Hence, being a skillful person makes our lives meaningful and always makes us stand tall in the crowd in this competitive era. So, let’s develop skills and re-design ourselves.

Manoj Bagale, Second Runner – Up