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A Note to Skillful Me by Samprada Adhikari

What is skill? Am I skillful? What importance does it hold in shaping my future? Can  I achieve it? Well, the answer is yes. Neither of us is born with skill nor do we achieve mastery at the time of birth. The qualitative skill can be achieved by anyone with proficient practice, strong determination, perseverance, and a positive attitude. For me, skill is the ability to use one′s knowledge, practice, aptitude in an effective manner which eventually leads to the stepping stone to success. Skill enhances one′s personality and adds charm to it. Everyone′s life has a purpose. Our purpose gave birth to us. We strive to find our purpose and consequently get triumph over it.

A.P.J Abdul Kalam has rightfully said,″Dreams are not what you see in sleep, dreams are things which do not let you sleep″. Dear me, Trust your skills, believe in the power of dreams, and be courageous enough to pursue them. If you can dream, you can achieve it. Believe yourself and give it a shot. Success is waiting for skillful you. Muster up your guts as your patience, diligence, decency, hardship, abilities, and belief is going to be tested. Your skills are guiding you to reach the top and ascend the summit of success, quenching the thirst to live your dream and live a life you have been longing for. Dear me, specialize your skills, be confident and put your soul into the smallest tasks. I know I can do it and I will.

Skills are prerequisites to fulfill our dreams. It guides us to the path that turns our dreams into reality. I am confident about my communication skills, interpersonal skills, academic skills, problem-solving skills, tackling skills, and leadership skills. I believe every day is a learning opportunity. Having that thought deeply sowed in my mind, I try every day to improvise my skills in order to be the best version of myself.

Expressing and sharing one′s opinions, views, and ideas about relevant topics in front of a huge masses have always fascinated me. Public speaking skill is the skill that ties me up with my goal pushes me closer to my ultimate goal. The skill of speaking in public is something I  have been trying to achieve an early age. My skillful journey of speaking in public begun as a student of grade 2 who participated in a speech competition. I still remember the day, bougainvillea flowers fluttering in the nearest bush, my little feet were trembling and a big mass of the audience staring at me. Having sleepless nights and grumpy mornings, I had practiced all night, but it was so hapless of me that on the day of the speech I went blank and was obliged to end my speech immediately after introduction. I was left with no choice. My regrets of not being able to speak publicly burst out in the form of tears. I was lucky enough to get a second chance. My teacher motivated me to gulp off my fears, face the mass like a ferocious lion. I mustered up my courage and aced my performance. I had just realized my biggest fear had turned into my strength. Since then, I have pushed myself to participate in various competitions where I was able to showcase my skill and improvise it to a higher extent. This victory over fear, self-doubt, failure through confidence always inspires me to let myself fly like a balloon because you never know how high can you rise, without releasing yourself in the sky of freedom and competency.

 Dear me, set your goal, enhance your skill, and don’t stop until you get there. For me, no joy can equal the joy of serving others. Whilst I summarized my goals and analyzed them, the realization hit me that a beauty pageant is an area that my personality entirely matches. MISS WORLD 2027 is the title that I wish to embrace. This way I could utilize my skill and create an impact in the world through community services. I dream to be beautiful with a purpose and my skills would certainly pay me off through success stories. I believe my passion has caught a glimpse of my potential which will assist skillful me to accomplish my goals. My skills, inspire me to achieve my goals, focusing on the doughnut, not upon the hole. Dear skillful me, trust your journey, Learn, evolve, become the best version of yourself.

Samprada Adhikari, First Runner- Up