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Enhance Your Learning Skills!

Learning new skills can take time and patience. When you make the commitment to learn something new, you can improve your career prospects, develop your professional networks, and broaden your knowledge.

Why is it important to learn new skills?

Learning new skills can help you position yourself to take on new initiatives and exploit new information to boost your career. Showing that you are open to learning new things can also show employers that you value your commitment to your career and their company.

How to learn new skills?

You know you want to learn new skills, but you want to learn them quickly so that you can start reaping their benefits. Follow these steps to get there faster;

  1. Set a learning objective for yourself
  2. Dissect your skillset
  3. Identify potential obstacles
  4. Concentrate on one skill at a time

The Most Popular New Learning Courses in Glocal After School

As learning new skills continue to become one of the most viable ways to accelerate your career, we are witnessing significant growth in the amount of professional learning happening around the world. Learning new skills can help you develop in your career, broaden your knowledge base, and broaden your professional networks.

Here we have courses that can be beneficial for your personal & professional growth. Grab this awesome opportunity of learning from your comfort pass. Give yourself the opportunity to grow, adapt, or even reinvent your career by learning new skills. Enroll on these popular online courses to make a move that can elevate your career — and your learnings. 

1. People Management: Learn the Essential Skills to Manage People and Team

This course is designed to provide you with the understanding of the essential skills required to be a People Manager, Managing the Team, Individuals, Mastering the skill of structured communication focused to People Management, Managing with Empathy and Situational Leadership or Awareness.

At the end of the course, you will not only learn the skills required to be a successful People Manager but also will be able to access the current level of understanding and self-leadership behavioral traits.

2. Upskilling Your Business Etiquette for Professional Success

In today’s hyper-competitive workplace, knowing how to behave can make the difference between getting ahead and being left behind. Success in any industry relies on relationships: with co-workers, clients, suppliers, or investors. When you are polite and considerate in dealing with others, you are more likely to create engaging, productive, and long-term business relationships. This is why knowledge of business etiquette is vital. This course will introduce participants to the principles of building and maintaining professional relationships, as well as provides critical tools to help you meet the challenges of the work world with confidence and poise.

3. Movers Workshop on Climate Action – Level 02

Movers Workshop on Climate Action- Level 02 is a 2-hours interactive and participatory workshop organized to Dive deeper into the causes and consequences of climate change. It will also relate more at a personal and collective level, actions that can be taken, and this session will make you understand the global framework to prevent dangerous climate change. Mover’s Workshop is initiated by UNDP Youth Co: Lab in support of Intercultural Education (ICE).

The workshop aims to inspire and guide young people across Nepal to take positive action against climate change. The module is designed with a train-the-trainer methodology, so after attending this workshop, you can conduct similar workshops with your community members too.

So, don’t miss a chance to improve your learning skills. Now is the time to learn. Time is one thing that once spent, can never be earned back, and something that cannot be earned back is not spent; it is rather invested. So, let’s make good use of this time and learn something.