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Interaction Skill Matters!

Interaction is the key to success; the interaction leads you to gain knowledge. It gives peace of mind and a sense of belonging. Interaction lightens your day with family and friends, it lives you in joy and everlasting happiness in life’s adventure world. Interaction skill is very important in the journey of success. The good interaction skills matter the most in a professional career and personal life. Skills are necessary for everyone and without skills, we cannot get real-time success in life. We can enhance our skills through a different medium.

Live Interaction Skills

The development of learning processes through virtual learning environments is one of the growing tendencies in education schemes around the world. Let’s take a look at a recent scenario in the modality of conducting the live session in Nepal after lockdown due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Schools and colleges along with the universities are shut down, but the academic year is passing with the flow of time.

We introduced the new modality to operate the classes through online methods using different applications like zoom, google meet, and so on. This was a big challenge for the educational institution since it was something that they never used before. Problems like unfamiliarity with technology started being visible. Though teachers and educational institutions attempted to launch course classes through different alternative medium – online classes. In addition, there are still some voids in our working modality but lockdown provided an opportunity to learn and know how to conduct class using technology for an alternative to the traditional method.

The greatest part of live interaction is engaging with the audience, students and can easily communicate or can build a stronger connection with the facilitator-hosts which enhances to develop communication skills. Through this kind of communication, students can interact in real-time, learned, and achieved some way more knowledge regarding the use of technology. This proves that it’s never too late to learn or start new things.

Social Media Interaction

These days we are virtually active in social media which is used for building connections. Basically, it is a platform that is being used to build relationships among people. Social media interaction can be an effective way to deliver current information to an active onlooker, it is valuable for two-way conversation. It provides services for people to have access to basic information as quickly as possible. Social media is a collection of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing, and collaboration.

Student-Student Interaction

Student-student interaction takes place among groups of students. The live interaction provides an opportunity for student-teacher interaction. It plays a vital role to build a community platform in an online environment that supports satisfying and productive learning. An online learning environment with the help of technological facilities that are more favorable to promote interaction among students where students feel free to express their thoughts. In this type of interaction, the teacher plays a role as a monitor and guides well-informed information to the students.

Children- Parent Interaction

The good message always helps younger people to boost self-esteem, encourages them to listen and motivates them to learn. Parents need to be able to communicate and interact openly and effectively with their children. Good communication between parents and their children will benefit children for their entire lives. Parent’s responsibility is to help and guide their children to learn new things. Internet facilities and education provide them an opportunity to gain new skills, learn new ideas, and work more effectively.

Thus, interaction is good for everyone to develop communication habits with different people. Moreover, it is the foundation for good working and social relationships, and also for developing many other areas of skill. The final element in developing and improving interpersonal skills is to develop the habit of self-reflection. Taking time to think about conversations and interactions will enable us to form mistakes and successes and continue to develop.