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Skills For Your Growth!

Most of us want to be the best at what we do and advance in our careers. Employees must, however, develop strong skills that boost their performance and contribution at work in today’s internationally competitive landscape, where outstanding talent abounds.

Whether you are a fresher who has just graduated or an aspiring CEO of an amazingly successful company, a “degree” is just not enough. One needs to have profound or even mild skills of whatever may it be. In a recently updated article by Stephanie L, published in, she has mentioned that the post-covid-19 or say the “new normal” has demanded more skills for your successful career.

The new normal has set up a new benchmark to adapt to the increase in demand for skills in the workplace. The article elucidates more on the top 4 major on-demand skills which will assist you to groom & shine your profession.

  • Communication and Emotional Intelligence: This brings up the idea of how to have a better understanding of the other and to manifest others’ emotions and behavior.
  • Flexibility: “Flexibility” does not only constrict itself to adapting changes, it goes beyond that! Working under pressure, accustoming to unpredicted deadlines, and much more.
  • Digital Mastery: Prioritizing work from home has been the other alternative due to the global pandemic. Content writers, digital marketers, individuals who have the ability to learn, understand and use digital platforms and applications have a much better chance of getting hired and retained.
  • Leadership: Companies need leaders who can prioritize tasks, bring out the best energy of their fellow employers, one who has the potential to raise the productivity level.

Why these?

In this fast-growing era, where every single day new innovations happen or something has been brought to life, well you don’t want to be like a controlled body working for some company. You too would like to enrich yourself with a lot of things. These things will help you to grow, to prosper as an individual, to acknowledge the growing trend of Employability Skills in a developing country like Nepal.