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Bringing Out the Entrepreneur in You!

Around the world, entrepreneurship is a ‘hot topic’ that fascinates many. Being an entrepreneur is a great career choice. It will provide a source of gratifying, remunerative engagement options. Entrepreneurs need to develop their experiences and skills in niche areas to determine their chances of long-term success. That has assisted them in meeting their vision and achieving their goals. Entrepreneurs are always looking for a change, responding to it, and taking advantage of it.

Today, everyone is working in some sector to grow and prosper. The one who is more passionate and creative wins promotions and prospers. People with new entrepreneurial ideas and outstanding performance are lauded in every sector. In any race, there are many people and only a few stand out and become the best. Entrepreneurship skills and an open mind are very important.

In order to make your entrepreneurial skills grow to a great extent, you can learn or capture a variety of skills during Skill Week-2022. Skill Week – 2022; a festival where we celebrate skills and are committed to providing real-world practical opportunities for youths in skilling. It is a week-long session of capturing skills full of events, creativity, skills, inspirations, and insights. This is a week dedicated to enrollment to workshops related to different skills, skill shows, learning hubs, and sessions along with employability opportunities. Similarly, Skill Week Festival covers the area of skills under the following categories: Art & Culture; Tourism & Hospitality; Science & Technology and Entrepreneurship. This event will help youth to Explore, get Engaged and Educate in various skills.

We are bringing you a series of workshops in the Entrepreneur category at Skill Week 2022. It’s time to refuel your skills and hone your creativity. Through the Entrepreneur series, you can explore a range of topics that will boost your knowledge. The series of free workshops are available to anyone interested in the topic;

Igniting Innovation After COVID 19 Crisis

Igniting Innovation After COVID 19 Crisis workshop will be based on discussing igniting Innovation after COVID-19 Crisis, understanding the situation,  Emerging new trends,  Finding new opportunities, Potential projects, and profitable ventures & Venturing with winning industries in the coming decade.

Personal Branding Workshop

Personal Branding Workshop on personal branding will teach you the fundamentals of personal branding and how it can help individuals and organizations mold their image according to their requirements and build a favorable reputation, thus, positioning them for increased future success. This workshop will help participants understand the importance of an authentic personal brand, and how individuals can harness the power of personal branding to optimize for their wants and their successes. 

Nexus between Policies & Entrepreneurship

Nexus between Policies & Entrepreneurship workshop is ideal for aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs and people who are interested in-policymaking making. This will focus more on the inter-relationship between public policy and the entrepreneurial environment. This workshop will discuss several cases from the past and also help you understand how to safeguard yourself and your organization from the different policies put up by the Nepalese government.

9 Skills You Can Learn on Skill Week!

  • Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Writing
  • Communication
  • Technical Skills
  • Policy analyzing
  • Problem Solving
  • Proactiveness

The above-mentioned workshop will help you to build your true entrepreneurial skills, giving you the chance to dive into the world of business and gain real-world experience. Additionally, it will encourage you to think creatively. So buckle up your skills and bring out your creativity to the full of opportunities and be a part of Skill Week 2022.