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Join in Skills Week 2022 and Enroll Different Skills in the Category of Science and Technology!

Even the most skilled person was once a beginner. Now, it is a high five to get enroll in.

Skill Week -2022. Would you like to know what Skill Week 2022 is all about?

Skill Week – 2022; a festival where we celebrate skills and are committed to providing real-world practical opportunities for youths in skilling. It is a week-long session of capturing skills full of events, creativity, skills, inspirations, and insights. This is a week dedicated to enrollment to workshops related to different skills, skill shows, learning hubs, and sessions along with employability opportunities. Similarly, Skill Week Festival covers the area of skills under the following categories: Art & Culture; Tourism & Hospitality; Science & Technology and Entrepreneurship. This event will help youth to Explore, get Engaged and Educate in various skills.

Science and Technology

This is an interesting sector to work in, and the career opportunities are limitless. The rise of inventions and skills typifies today’s world, which has been formed by science and technology advancements. 

At Skill Week 2022, we will be holding a series of workshops within the Science & Technology category which definitely helps you to refresh your skills and expand your creativity. If you are interested, you can sign up for a free workshop series;

Django for Beginners

Django for beginners is a beginner-focused course that will introduce you to the basic use of Django to create dynamic database-driven websites. This course will guide you to create your very own Blog website using Django. The course will be very easy to follow as it is more focused on developers who are just entering into the web development world of python using Django. 

Graphic Design Fundamental for Beginners

The graphic design workshop seeks to introduce you to the fundamental principles of graphic design, such as image-making, typography, and composition. This course is for anyone who is willing to explore this creative field and boost their career prospects at a young age. 

Learning to Navigate Through our Sky

Learning to Navigate Through our Sky workshop will introduce you to software that will aid your exploration of different heavenly bodies. Your interest in astronomy will become more clear and it contains brief descriptions of mobile and laptop software used in space explorations. Also, enthusiastic participants will learn about different skills in the field of astronomy and also explore career opportunities in Astronomy. 

Useful Excel Tricks to Beginners

Excel is one of those tools that are needed in all professions and the lack of knowledge of it can limit career opportunities for you. Having Excel skills is vital for most official work today. The objective of the workshop is to equip workshop participants with basic data skills, tools, and functions which will enable them to gain proficiency and get into accounting, business analytics, and data analysis jobs that are highly in demand today.

The Role of Digital Payment

Today’s young people are using digital payment methods more actively and it is becoming their lifestyle. In addition, businesses (SMEs) are avoiding paying using cash and cheques as cash is seen as a potential carrier of the virus due to the spread of COVID-19.  As a result, QR payments and e-wallets are becoming popular in modern payment apps. We believe this session on digital payment will at least endorse the importance of going digital and building a digital Nepal among the participants.

Web Development in Cloud

Web Development in Cloud workshop will guide you through the fundamentals of Cloud Computing, such as servers, storage, databases, networking, and so on. This workshop is useful to organizations of every shape and size for various use cases such as data backup, disaster recovery, virtual desktops, software development, and testing, data analytics, etc. 

33 New Skills You Can Learn on Skill Week!

  • Technical Skills
  • Digital Skills
  • Cloud Computing
  • Analysis
  • IT Skills
  • Programming Skills
  • Management Skills
  • Graphic Design
  • Creativity
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • Stargazing Skills
  • Space Exploration

Finding and creating opportunities to learn new skills is important to both your professional and personal development. Skills Week will focus on developing essential skills for initiation and professional growth through training, interactions, workshops, and competitions. Your problem-solving skills will be improved and will be able to approach your problems from a new perspective to meet your goals. Come and show off your skills and bring out your creative side at Skill Week 2022.

There’s always a WAY where there’s a SKILL. Now is the time to #skills2grow4life as you can achieve your goals with your SKILL & KNOWLEDGE!