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Sign Up for Various Skills in the Tourism & Hospitality Category for Skill Week 2022!

Would you really like to appreciate sustainable tourism? There is no doubt that the hospitality sector is crucial to the tourism industry. It is important to understand the different aspects of this sector. Therefore, why not take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to learn more about Tourism and Hospitality at Skill Week 2022.

Skill Week – 2022; a festival where we celebrate skills and are committed to providing real-world practical opportunities for youths in skilling. It is a week-long session of capturing skills full of events, creativity, skills, inspirations, and insights. This is a week dedicated to enrollment to workshops related to different skills, skill shows, learning hubs, and sessions along with employability opportunities. Similarly, Skill Week Festival covers the area of skills under the following categories: Art & Culture; Tourism & Hospitality; Science & Technology and Entrepreneurship. This event will help youth to Explore, get Engaged and Educate in various skills.

Hospitality and Tourism Skill Enhancement

Nepal’s tourism industry has been identified as a high-growth sector, while employment in the hospitality industry is expected to grow significantly over the next three years. As a whole, these two sectors form one of our most important industries. You will be amazed at how many career choices are available for you in this dynamic and exciting industry sector if you enjoy meeting new people and trying new things.

Do you want to pursue a career in the Tourism & Hospitality industry? Skill Week 2022 brings you a series of tourism and hospitality workshops. It’s time to refresh your skills and boost your creativity. Also, you will be able to explore career opportunities and become successful in the sector. You can enroll in a series of free workshops if you are interested in finding out more.

Culinary Journey from the Chef’s Table

Have you ever wanted to learn and know what it takes to work in a 5-star Hotel, to participate in a cooking workshop delivered by the Executive Chef himself? And return home with recipes handed down over generations and specialized by the hotels? Well, here is a hands-on workshop to discover the diverse culinary landscape. In this workshop, you will learn how healthy and delicious meals can be prepared from home itself with easily available ingredients. 

Bakery Workshop

Baking is one of the things that relieve stress and put you in a great mood even if you are not particularly passionate about it. Cupcakes make the world a better place. You can spread the love with your own magical cupcake recipes and designs. Interested participants can take part in the workshop to learn baking, decorating skills & ways to make their cupcakes & fruitcakes stand out in terms of taste, cupcake decoration, the overall presentation, creativity, development of a new idea, visual impact, workmanship, and degree of difficulty. The bakery workshop will generally introduce participants to the bakery ideas and teach them ways to make delicious cakes from scratch with confidence.

Travel Blog Writing Workshop

In the 21st century, travel is used for work or luxury. It is held at a different standard now, but people still hunger for change and immersion into different cultures. Everyone has a little bit of wanderlust inside them. The execution of your travel tales in form of writing, stories stands out in the creative writing field. Travel Blogging could be one of the most rewarding careers. The travel blog writing workshop will show you step-by-step on how to start a travel blog and sustainably monetize it to create the profitable business of your dreams. You will learn how to grow it internationally for the global audience.

Skills You Will Learn!   

  • Cooking
  • Management
  • Creativity
  • Creativity
  • Travel
  • Content creation
  • Writing and maintaining a blog
  •  Baking
  •  Decorating
  •  Creativity

Skills week 2022 will be a very relevant and contextual week for enthusiasts seeking careers in the hospitality and tourism industry. The treasure of learning will follow its owner wherever he goes. This time, the Skill Week-2022 event will focus on developing essential skills for initiation and professional growth through trainings, exhibitions, interactions, workshops, and competitions. To reach your goal, you will learn how to think differently and approach problems from a new perspective. Be a part of Skill Week 2022 and bring out your skills and creative side to the fullest.

A SKILL always finds a way. Now is the time to #skills2grow4life with your SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE!