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Developing Skills through Competitions!

There is no doubt that competition is always good for us. Competition motivates us to strive for excellence. The main motive of organizing skill competitions is to provide a platform for young people to demonstrate their skills in various categories.

The skill competitions inspire young competitors to achieve new heights and help them to turn their passion into a career. The skill competitions generate enthusiasm by allowing participants to benchmark their skills and showcase their skills in a variety of competitions covering a range of topics. Taking part in skill competitions is a great way to demonstrate your skills and knowledge. A series of competitions has been announced for Skill Week 2022, including: “Vlog Making Competition, Domestic Tourism Photography Competition, Capture the Flag, Coffee Art Competition,”

  • Vlog Making Competition

The trend of Vlogging is on the rise. This versatile medium of producing video content offers a lot of opportunities to anyone interested in a creative and unique career. With the ever-increasing demand for video content worldwide, The opportunities for creative video creators are only on the rise. Vlog Making Competition is being organized to provide a platform for passionate vloggers to showcase their creative skills on the given topic with the theme – The Joy of Acquiring Skills.

  • Domestic Tourism Photography Competition

The Domestic Tourism Photography Competition is being organized to provide a platform for passionate photographers to showcase their photography skills promoting domestic tourism. The theme of Domestic Tourism Photography Competition is – “Promoting Domestic Tourism.”

  • Coffee Art Competition

Coffee culture is beautiful and on the rise in Nepal. Coffee Art Competition is open for youths, where the best coffee will be awarded. The competition allows participants to stretch their imagination and incorporate a wealth of coffee knowledge into an expression of their individual tastes and experiences. The theme of the artwork competition is ‘Flying with Turkish Airlines – My Dream Destination’. 

  • Capture the Flag

Capture The Flag (CTF) are competitions that revolve around the major disciplines of professional computer security work. They can be super fun and rewarding to the people of the security community. These events can be a great hobby for those interested in problem-solving and/or cyber security. Capture the flag competitions can help improve security skills and identify talent.

Now is the time for you to build up your skills, learn them, and incorporate them with your creativity. It’s a great opportunity for you. It is a great opportunity to showcase your skills at Skill Week 2022 and win exciting cash prizes.

Developing SKILLS will make you more competent. Let’s follow our dreams and use SKILLS to change the world!