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Skill Fest: The Joy of Learning Skills!

Are you looking for new skills to add to your repertoire or looking for a way to connect them? Why not join Fun Fiesta – “Skill Fest” and explore your skills? 

Understanding a skill is one thing, but applying that skill in real-life situations opens up a whole other world of growth. In everyday life, skill is the most important aspect that we need. It is crucial to maintain a solid skill-to-experience ratio that is constantly increasing our opportunities, polishing our definite skills, and broadening our expertise on the tasks we undertake.

Learning something new is not an exciting endeavor, but it is crucial to maintain your skills throughout your life. Learning something new isn’t just about grades; it’s also about the behavior – the habits that will support you throughout your career. Nevertheless, learning can be a rewarding and powerful experience, since it involves feeding your curiosity and giving you additional insight into your surroundings.

The exploration or learning of skills can foster a vision among others and strengthen professional relations. It is important to share your knowledge and skills with others because it allows you to deepen your own understanding. This gesture can lead to new conversations and opportunities, offering even more growth opportunities.

Learners who encounter teaching and learning that is significant, relevant, engaging, and challenging will develop a real passion for learning. This passion will encompass all aspects of learning and developing.

If you are willing to invest your precious time for Skill Fest, let’s celebrate Skill Fest together and get skilled.

With a strong motive to build the concept of sharing or exploring the joy of learning skills, SKILL FEST – A FESTIVAL OF SKILLS event is being organized. This event is an open platform for youth, i.e. the entries are free, to participate and know about skills, its importance, and scope in the market. This event will help youth to explore, get engaged and educate in various skills. By developing these skills, youths will be able to succeed and sustain themselves in an ever-changing market. It carries a great deal of potential to cater to students and youths seeking upskilling and career readiness.

The skill Fest event brings a bouquet of Engaging Workshops, Skill Exhibitions, Competitions, Skillful Games, Case Study Presentations, Food, Music and a lot of fun-filled skillful environments and many more at the ACE Institute of Management on 26th of March, 2022

Skill Fest has the potential to not only make youths ready for a career, but also endow them with a comprehensive network of impactful people. Such opportunities to meet and build connections with people who are very successful in their field of work. Youths who grab these kinds of opportunities never miss out on their career paths. So, all aspiring youths, students and learners need to seize this golden opportunity and have a fun learning experience.

Sounds exciting? So, what are you waiting for? Register now to become part of the biggest Skill Festival.