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Skill Week 2022 – Skill Up to Grow Up!

Learning new skills is one of the keys to success in today’s fast-paced and competitive world. The markets today are seeking to leverage young people’s skills and ambitions in order to create a better world for themselves and for the whole world. An event called “Skill Week” is being organized with a strong motive to build the skill-to-employment ecosystem.

Skill Week 2022 is a weeklong engaging program designed for youths that involves training, interactions, workshops, competition & exposure for skill development and inspires them to work in the field of creativity, innovation and most importantly in the development of the nation. This event is an open platform for any interested youth aged from (16-30) who wants to explore, engage and educate themselves in the world of skills. 

The event highlights four major pillars;

  1. Art & Culture
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. Tourism & Hospitality
  4. Science & Technology

Skill Week has already completed its 3rd edition, which focused on promoting skills and demonstrating the value of skills to society and among youths through four distinct skill categories. From the year 2020 to 2022, the Skill Week event has encouraged every participating youth to work in the field of creativity skills, innovation and most importantly in the development of the nation.

The most awaited event has kicked off with a series of workshops, competitions, human library sessions, and a skill fest that helps you to gain practical skills. The event was held between March 21 and March 26, 2022.

Skillful Workshops 

Day 1: 21st March

On the first day of the skill week event, 3 interesting workshops were organized in different venues. Useful Excel Tricks to Beginners was organized by Skill Best, which focused on the use of excel in various sectors, shortcuts that saves time, and arithmetic calculations. The second interesting workshop was about the basic insights of Drama and the art of acting/making theatre, titled – Making Drama & Theatre conducted by Srijana Sutra, and the essence of being a storyteller by learning to write, present, and express stories to the audience was organized online by Mr. Benislos Thusan, Storyteller from Srilanka in the Digital Storytelling Workshop.

Day 2: 22nd March

The second day of Skill Week was an absolute delight. It was all about learning about the Chef’s Journey, art of cooking, presenting the dishes, and more which was titled “Culinary Journey from the Chef’s Table”. Another workshop was titled –“Handwriting Workshop” where the facilitator Mr. Anil Thaman taught the art of holding a pen step-by-step, the strokes to practice, and the scripts to produce a beautiful art form. 

Day 3: 23rd March

The first workshop – Nexus between Policies & Entrepreneurship was organized by the Samriddhi Foundation, which focused on the inter-relationship between public policy and the entrepreneurial environment. Similarly, the second “Travel Blog Writing workshop” was facilitated by Rebecca Shrestha from Parikrama Magazine and Nepal Traveller 

Day 4: 24th March

The online and offline workshops provide an opportunity to hear wonderful insights and ideas from the facilitator for sharing their ideas and skills. There were four workshops conducted on the fourth day of the Skill Week event, and they are mentioned below; 

A Bakery Workshop by School of Baking and Pastry Technology; The Role of Digital Payment Workshop by eSewa-Nepal First Online Payment Gateway; Personal Branding Workshop by Prof. Ujjwal K. Chowdhury and Django for Beginners by Samir Phuyal. 

Day 5: 25th March

An interesting competition was held at Brewshala titled “Latte Art competition”. It was a sight to see the coffee heads there. Likewise, the most interesting workshops like; the Online Happiness Workshop by The Art of Living, the Script Writing Workshop by Srijana Sutra, and the Web Deployment in Cloud Workshop by Genese Cloud Academy was organized on the 5th day of the skill week which was a joy ride to go with.

Out of Valley Workshops by GTH Alumni

Besides this, four different workshops were conducted in different districts – Jhapa, Surkhet & Chitwan & Nepalgunj during Skill Week 2022. The topics of the workshops were – “Developing Communication Skill”, Akshyar Art Camp, Developing Leadership Skills & Campaign Development & Entrepreneurship Fundamentals: Learn How to Start a Business.

Skill Competitions

Skill competitions at Skill Week 2022 were the core activity that generated enthusiastic interest among youth offering opportunities for benchmarking their skills and joining forces to showcase their skills in different themes and subjects of the varied competitions.

There were 6 different skill competitions organized for Skill Week 2022.

  1. National Case Study Writing Competition
  2. Vlog Making Competition
  3. On-Site Art Competition
  4. Domestic Tourism Photography Competition
  5. Capture the Flag Competition
  6. Latte Art Competition

Skill Fest 2022

Skill Fest 2022 was filled with learning skills, insightful conversations, music, food, pictures and memories, and more. The Skill Fest event was held on the 26th of March at the premises of The Ace Institute of Management.

The most insightful workshops conducted during Skill Fest were namely Learning to navigate through our sky using ICT; Cyber security skills; Igniting innovation after COVID- 19; Graphic Design Fundamentals for beginners. Apart from workshops, there was a case study presentation, on-site competitions and fun elements to explore the skills.

Besides this, the “Human Library of Skills” was another interesting session that took place on the day of the skill fest. It was full of learning and networking that not only allowed you to hear stories of others, but also to share your own. The session was led by two amazing personalities, Mr. Nakim Uddin and Mr. Gagan Pradhan who were also the recipients of Skill Hero Awards 2020 & 2021 respectively.

There were close to 2000+ youths participating in various workshops, competitions, interactions and many more fun elements.

Skill Anthem 

The future is of those who learn different skills and combine them in creative ways. With the motive of encouraging every skill, Skill Anthem was composed and played for the very first time in the event. The anthem was dedicated to the skills that a person possesses in his/her life. 

Skill Heroes- An Amazing Contribution to Skill Development

 Skills are important and acknowledging them adds significant value in life. Individuals who are skilled get honor for their work & skills distinguish themselves in their personal and professional lives. It is now the third year of showing respect to people and their skills in making an incredible impact on society or promoting a particular skill.

The Nabil Skill Hero Award 2022 has made a great ending to Skill Week 2022. It was such a great honor  to honor an individual’s skills to a global audience who have achieved success by utilizing their skills. 

The ‘Nabil Skill Hero Award’ was bestowed upon four individuals. Mr. Kiran Manandhar was honored for his dedication to the field of Art and Culture. He has been eminent in the contemporary art scene for the past five decades in Nepal.

In the Entrepreneurship category, Ms. Laxmi Sharma, Entrepreneur and the Founder of Laxmi Wood Craft Udhyog was awarded for her contributions in the field of entrepreneurship and for providing an ecosystem for women entrepreneurs to foster.

For the Science and Technology category, Mr. Sanduk Ruit, Founder and Visionary ophthalmologist at Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology were honored for his efforts to restore the eyesight of over 180,000 people across Africa and Asia using small-incision cataract surgery. 

Similarly, in the Tourism and Hospitality category, Mr. Laxman Neupane, Chairman/MD of the Siddhartha Group of Hospitality was honored as a Nabil Skill Hero as he has been an influential figure in the field of tourism and made it possible for several young people to join the field of hospitality.

Besides the four Skill Heroes, Mr. Ekraj Suyal from Dhading received the Nabil Sustainable Banking Hero’ Award for his outstanding entrepreneurship in organic farming & goat rearing.

Infographics – Data Stories

There were 5000+ participants who were engaged in different workshops, competitions, case studies, human library sessions, and more on the themes of Entrepreneurship, Hospitality and Tourism, Science and Technology and Art and Culture. Also, interact with 200+ colleges through online and offline mediums for skill promotion. There was 1M+ online reach through the posts and had 100K + website views.


Workshops:  10 Offline ; 13 Online

Partners/ Collaborators: 25

Skillful Competitions: 6

Total Reach: 1.2 M

School/ College Reach- 200+

Website Views – 100K+

Participants: 5000+