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Ace the Race

Whatever your goal is; being employable, being successful or stepping into a new field, you will need to learn new skills. An excellent way of doing this is to enroll in online courses to grab 21st-century skills.

Are you a recent SEE & +2 graduates who wants to pick up an opportunity to learn something new and develop your inner potential and become “A Better You”. Here, Glocal After School (GAS) brings you the “Ace The Race” course packages which comprise various essential courses exclusively for recently appeared SEE & +2 students, where they will be introduced to various life skills.

Ace The Race is a collection of five courses of capturing skills that are exclusively designed for SEE & +2 students. They are furnished with a rich learning experience that incorporates skillful workshops and learns essential skills in many creative and fun ways.

An interactive course will help participants to improve their skills in communication, career building, Emotional Intelligence, Time Management, Decision Making, Writing, Presentation & Public speaking. Every day, participants are given the opportunity to learn new skills to help them navigate this unique time of their lives and careers. During the event, participants will be able to discover new skills, ideas & information, and explore skillful learnings that can help to further their careers to new heights.

Awesome Skillful Courses for SEE & +2 Graduates!

Participants will learn the most essential skills of communication, career building, Emotional Intelligence, Time Management, Decision Making, Writing, Presentation & Public speaking in a fun and creative ways.

  • Become a fearless speaker

Communication, in today’s time is of course an indispensable part for your personal and professional life. Being conscious about what others express, responding to them as per need is critical in today’s evolving society. To deal with communication more effectively and efficiently at work and to achieve your goal, this course is designed to give you both the tools you need to improve your communication skills and strategies for using them to your advantage.

  • Developing Mindfulness & Well-Being

The course on “Developing Mindfulness & Wellbeing”  helps learners to enhance their psychological health, such as by improving sleep patterns, developing exercise routines, and practicing meditation. 

  • Effective Time Management – Boost Your Productivity

Time management is the process of planning and controlling how much time to spend on specific activities. This course is for anyone who wants to improve their time management and is willing to implement a few simple strategies.

  • Presentation Fundamentals

Presentation Fundamentals are designed to be very participatory, allowing you to practice your presentation or communication skills while attending. Participants will also get greater confidence and know-how to swiftly design your presentation.

  • Career Lab – Build your career skills

Every successful job hunt starts with a good cover letter and a great CV. The most essential part of this course is learning to make a better version of a CV & Resume and understanding its differences. The participants will get to learn the ways to make a good CV and Resume, and also learn about Cover Letter preparation.

When you invest time, you can never get it back, and time can never be earned back, so something that cannot be earned back is not spent but rather invested. So, let’s make use of this opportunity and learn something. An interactive five courses provide an opportunity to prepare for a career, but also help to build a network with impactful people. Students who take advantage of this kind of opportunity never miss out on their career goals. Hence, all aspiring students and learners should maximize this golden opportunity by having fun while learning.

Keep Learning, Keep Growing, and Keep succeeding!