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Storytelling Skills – An Art of Using Words

Storytelling is the interactive art of using words and actions to reveal the elements and images of a story while encouraging the listener’s imagination. Storytelling involves a two-way interaction between a storyteller and one or more listeners. In order to be a good storyteller one needs to have good story telling skills. In order to be a good storyteller we have to develop storytelling skills.  Storytelling skills is one of the most effective ways to share information and engage an audience which has made it one of the top skills in many professional environments. A story can be told in many ways like taking a fictional narrative or taking a thoughtful paragraph. A career can be opened up by developing storytelling skills.

Storytelling skills helps us to connect with other people from family to friends to colleagues to customers. A good story can inspire, entertain or inform the listeners depending on what kind of story is being told. Story telling techniques is used by team leaders to lead and encourage their team members by telling inspiring stories of their lifetime experience. They portray the ups and downs they have faced in their lives in a form of a beautiful story which proceeds to form and boost the confidence level of the listeners who have faced some failure and lost their hope. Story telling skills can also be used by a new member of an organization to build a connection with their colleagues by talking about their past life, achievements, hobbies, personal information, etc. if they have good story telling skills they slowly will build connection and no longer be a stranger to the organization. 

If one wants to improve their story telling skills, then they have to become a good listener first. If one listens to others’ storytelling then, they can take notes about the mistakes they’ve been doing and correct it. Rehearsing and practicing the story multiple times also plays a massive role in developing and improving storytelling skills as it helps us make our speech fluent. Being funny and humorous can also help develop and improve Storytelling skills as humors help make complex and challenging topics more understandable to the listeners. If one can be funny while telling a story, they can develop mutual trust and friendship with their listeners and make them more clear about the main goal of their story. 

Knowing our audience and adjusting our tone and language can also make a vast difference in a good story teller and better storyteller. Having an end-goal for our story and figuring how we can make the story more relevant for the listener. Also interacting with the listeners in between the story by pausing it and giving listeners an opportunity to ask questions can also help develop storytelling skills. The most important and helpful way to develop and improve our story telling skills by having fun in the process. If we start enjoying storytelling, then we eventually develop and improve our story telling skills with time and practice as it is said “practice makes a man perfect”.

In conclusion, Storytelling is identified as one of the top soft skills that is linked to performance, development, and career success and. Storytelling skills creates connection between speaker and the listener, increases understanding, enhances creativity hence, storytelling skills is identified as one of the top soft skills that is associated with performance, development, and career success.