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Give your STRESS wings and let it fly away



Stress!!! Quite a common word these days right? Youth who are supposed to be the most fun loving, lively people have locked themselves inside four walls, isolated themselves from all others and all they do is take unnecessary stress. They compare themselves with their idols online and start feeling insecure or inferior about themselves. This does nothing good. There is different ways to stress management and fun fact here is people have different ways of coping with stress, some eat popularly known as stress eating, some cry, some walk ,some copy others style or way of living and so on. All we have done these past years is learnt how to cope with it instead of reducing it or managing it. So, today let’s talk about the reasons for stress and how we can manage our stress.  Because stress management is compulsorily necessary. 

Sources of Stress

School can be one of the main reasons for stress for students. Exams are one of the common stressors for students. If you do well on your exams, you don’t enjoy the outcome or result of that. You start stressing yourself about how to maintain it on the next exam. Likewise, meeting the deadline of assignments, meeting friends, dealing with bullies or getting along with teachers and being anxious about tests and grades are frequent difficulties that students might be facing.

Moreover, tension at home can also be a common reason for stress for young minds. Children may be troubled by divorce, abandonment or loss of family. Even with the arrival of new members in the family or stepparents can be hard for them to accept. Besides, an economically poor family background also can cause trouble. Not having enough money for basic needs and for education can make a negative impact which every young mind mayn’t cope with such an environment and which causes stress for them.

The Stress Management

Healthy diet

Stress and diet are always correlated with each other.  It is always possible that people with a healthy diet are less stressed compared to those who have a poor diet. Making dietary modifications could be the key to feeling better physically and emotionally if you’re experiencing excessive stress because it’s likely that your digestive system is under a lot of strain. Caffeine, and food with high fat and sugar are some examples of  food that have a negative effect on the body. 

Sleep well

Sleeping is essential for both physical and mental well-being. Lack of sleep can result in a bad mood, lack of energy, difficulties concentrating, and an all-around inability to carry on with daily activities. Not having enough sleep may have severe consequences to the students, and adults, they won’t be able to focus on their studies and daily routine. For children aged six to twelve, experts advise nine to twelve hours of sleep per night. Teenagers require between eight and ten hours of sleep every night. In order to manage stress, sleep must come first. Limit screen time at night and avoid having electronics in the bedroom to protect sleep. 


Daily exercise can help students for relaxation and better sleep. It not only helps improve your mood but also gives you energy and extends your lifespan. Physical exercise and meditation activates brain chemicals that make you feel happier and more at ease, lifting your mood and lowering stress. The U.S. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends at least 60 minutes a day of activity for children ages 6 to 17.

Get outside

Spending time in nature has a direct correlation with fewer negative feelings. Kids these days are more likely to spend time with gadgets, video games and making friends on the internet, which is directly and indirectly affecting their mental health. But an easy trip outside can do wonders for easing sadness, tension, and stress. Numerous studies have demonstrated that being in nature is good for your mental health. Nature’s sights, sounds, and sensations can instantly lift your spirits. 

Therefore, give a little break to yourself, recharge yourself and see how the work results in being GOOD work. Blogs