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Youth Employment Innovation in Nepal



The youth are the foundation of society. It’s critical that they engage in all facets of society. Unfortunately, this is being withheld from a large number of young people in Nepal. They have no or very little influence over local and international leadership initiatives.

The most recent youth trend in Nepal shows that young people are migrating abroad in search of better opportunities for their futures. This trend is escalating, which is bad for the nation. The youth must be motivated and given power in order to effectively use human resources. The reasons why young people migrate abroad include a lack of employment opportunities, education, political unrest, social and cultural considerations. Along with providing them with the tools they need to succeed, the government also has a duty to inform young people about the opportunities Nepal has to offer.

Even as we talk about the difficulties of supporting ourselves in Nepal, there are opportunities in Nepal that very young people might miss. There are many examples of people who have accomplished amazing things by combining their social and entrepreneurial skills. They serve as an example for others in Nepal who assert they have no means of subsistence. The most crucial factor is that they should be capable and motivated to serve the nation.

Here are some opportunities for young people in Nepal:


Self-employment and entrepreneurship are possible paths for young people to generate jobs and support economic growth of the country. The government has also participated in numerous programs and assisted numerous entrepreneurs in promoting their entrepreneurship to address societal problems.

Support Political System

The youth of Nepal have the power to stabilize the political system of the nation. The young can significantly contribute to meeting the needs of the current generation, help create a positive environment, and provide services in line with those needs.


Nepal, a country that places a strong emphasis on agriculture, has the potential to benefit from its arable land. There are many opportunities for the people, and they are actively involved. The majority of people are being drawn to agriculture by the investment in modern equipment.


Nepal has the best possible chance for the tourism business because it is a well-liked travel destination. Young people in the country who wish to work and make a living may find employment chances in this sector. The population can participate in businesses relating to hospitality, travel, and tourism.

Social and Environmental Impact

Participation of Youths in different NGOs and INGOs has also helped to make a positive influence in the society by fixing the current problems prevailing in the society. This kind of involvement encourages people to take action to improve society.

To conclude, we can say that there are other options available to young people in Nepal in addition to these ones. People can now complete intelligent work across the nation because of advancements in education and technology. One should be able to make opportunities for themselves rather than searching for them. From this, the next generation may likewise be inspired to take action nationally. So, utilizing the potential of youths, Nepal can enhance the sustainable and inclusive development.