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Potential of Youths: Redefining the Ways of Stereotypical Ways of Earning Livelihood

Youths are the standing pillars of the society who have the capability to restructure the existing infrastructure, enduring thought processes and prevailing opportunities in society. Being the juvenile age group thriving for expeditious success and lavishing lifestyle, earning livelihood becomes a defining challenge in today’s date.

Where the youths of other countries are searching the possibilities of living life beyond the planet, we are still searching for the ways of unlocking the doors of a possible career to establish oneself to fit in the standard of society. Due to this, problems like brain drain, adverse mental health conditions and poverty are increasing day by day.

But being the progress seekers of the present day with the vision of sustainability practices, youths are actually striving for the career options that are good earning with the accompaniment of passion. Talking about resetting the model of career prospects, today’s youths are innovative with the presentation of any career they pursue. They have the caliber to remodel the same tedious job with pitching ideas involving fun that makes the job much worth in itself. Here are some of the emerging ways of earning livelihood that have broken the stereotypical ways of earning livelihood that seem to be regimented by society over a period of time.


The progressive youth of the 21st century have struck out on an original path to create a new business for themselves as well as for the other youths in society. They have borne all the possible risk for employment creation using the resources they possess. Entrepreneurship concept is actually grooving amongst the youths of Nepal these days. 

Social Media Platform:

Remote concept holds that social media is a platform for entertainment but the new concept proves that social media can actually be the greatest platform for digital marketing, network development, content creation, graphic design , app development and many more.


Social scenario where 9-5 job prevailed, freelancing is a completely new concept of earning where we are free to work as an independent company rather than be employed by someone else. It has become the emerging way of part time jobs.

Digital and Virtual Tourism:

The recent outbreak of pandemic resulted in the world largely coming to halt , immobilizing  the tourism industry almost completely. In this many youths came up with the ideas of virtual tourism which created the illusion of being in the place you desired with the computer generated visuals. Digital tourism somewhat organized the manual and tedious way to execute travel.


Art Careers:

The stereotypic mentality which has always categorized arts as a hobby now has adapted the fact that art can actually be a great career perspective. The youths are really into careers like fashion designing , interior designing, photography, barista art , tattoo art, makeup art, mixology art and many more which are  quite interesting and one of the highly earning jobs .

To conclude, we can say that there are many opportunities that  youths of  Nepal can amplify in the near future. Youths can now have a competitive environment with artificial  intelligence because of advancements in education and technology. One can actually create the  opportunities for themselves rather than searching for them. From this, the next generation may be actively engaged in the remodeling of the ongoing and stereotypical way of earning livelihood. So, utilizing the potential of youths, Nepal can enhance the  way of living with sustainability and panoramic development.