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Artificial Intelligence (AI): Setting new Career benchmarks among Youths



Artificial intelligence is the reasoning of the machines. It is the science which designs the engineering systems of making intelligent machines.AI works under human intelligence with a set of software that include deep learning, machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), neural network, supervised learning, unsupervised learning and virtual assistant (VA). Due to this, AI started impacting human life in a promising manner in day to day life creating the ways to set new career benchmarks among youths to prosper in the current cyberized world .

The seeding concept of AI was planted by philosophers who attempted to research critical thinking systems like humans in a more diversified way. The field of artificial intelligence research was just confined within the concept of academic discipline in around 1950s but today we can see the development of self-driving cars, smart phones and chatbots to the augmentation of generative AI tools like ChatGPT; AI is increasingly becoming mandatory part of everyday life appealing the companies to invest on it. Application areas of artificial intelligence are having a huge impact on various fields of life to solve complex problems in various areas such as education, technology, business, medicine, agriculture, art and design creating a wide spectrum of career prospects for youths.

AI setting new career benchmarks among youths,

AI in the technology world:

Technical careers have a very broad scope in the field of engineering ranging from the development of computer science and web systems, virtual reality to the world of robotics and astrological innovations . AI has been helpful for the automation of some tasks, allowing the technological world to concentrate on more difficult tasks with critical thinking. For example: automated guidance , use of highly sensitive cameras and sensors for collision avoidance are generally implied on the spacecraft development .Light detection and ranging systems (LIDARs) and AI are key to navigation and collision avoidance. So with this demand, the future of the technology world is always in search of versatile workers who can actually conduct their work using robust technologies using different skill sets, including AI systems, opening the doors to new career prospects .

AI in the health sector:

Artificial intelligence in healthcare is currently evolving with the promising use to mimic human intelligence in the analysis, presentation, and comprehension of medical and health care data, diagnosis of some critical health conditions, treatment or prevention of disease and drug development with usage of telemedicine. For example: active sensors and devices are used to detect the lymph nodes, kidney stones, appendicitis, heart conditions and tumors. As these challenges are addressed, AI’s potential can be highly considered in making healthcare more accurate, efficient and accessible for patients worldwide standing as an attractive career option.

AI in the agriculture field:

Artificial intelligence technology has improved the aspects of farming from the tilling to actual production, preservation and marketing of the agricultural products. AI is used for the environmental problem detection with the active use of sensors and technologies.With the enhancement of the generation , the demands of quality agricultural products are also increasing.Some new automation methods are introduced to satisfy these requirements timely. Automated farm machinery like driverless tractors, smart irrigation,fertilization systems, IoT-powered agricultural drones, smart spraying and vertical farming software and AI-based greenhouse robots for harvesting are just some examples. Compared with any human farm worker, AI-driven tools are far more efficient.AI has actually impacted the agriculture sector by playing a very crucial role in transforming the agriculture industry by providing newer job opportunities.

AI in the education sector:

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to address the biggest challenges in education today that holds the innovative teaching and learning practices to accelerate the learners progress.AI focuses the tutors workload management focusing the intellectual learning systems with the time relevance revolutionizing the education system.AI education system has actually comforted the scenario of unpredictable circumstances like pandemics. For example use of AI can be seen in plagiarism detection, learning integration, chatbots for enrollment and retention learning management systems transcription of faculty lectures, enhanced online discussion boards analyzing student success metrics academic research. The AI system has actually created a lot of job opportunities making it quite lavishing and lucrative to the youths of today.

AI in the corporate business world:

Artificial intelligence technologies are standing out effectively for making the corporate business profitable and sustainable. It is designed to make corporate business processes smart and reliable with the self automated systems including the data science and analytics.Business processes that were quite monotonous and were not appealing with the evolving customer demands now has been reconceptualized into something that is sustainable as per today’s need .But duly developments in Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the corporate businesses field today. AI is distinctly used in document digitization ,automated accounts receivable with predictive analytics and fraud detection. It has allowed corporate businesses to dwell into modernization creating newer career opportunities.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an emerging technology focused on machine learning and integration targeting the current comfort and speedy work results. As technology research field is advancing its spectrum the career opportunities are truly involving AI products and systems for precise outputs. With the evolving generation, various jobs involving artificial intelligence will surely create much more beneficial career paths for enthusiastic youths justifying their true interests.