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Questions that invade the minds of graduates about their career prospects



Uncertainty borne from rapid technological development of the world has quite an adverse impact on the career selection and evolution of any desired career of the current graduates. The majority graduates have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic and youth labor markets that are now being buffeted by the abiding impression of the pandemic, geopolitical instability and macroeconomic risks such as the impact of supply chain disruptions and rising inflation, particularly that relates to the market survival of career. A country’s failure to identify and address such issues graduates lose their  sight of longer-term  career prospects .


In this current age of competitiveness ,the choice of career and maintaining its dignity to the desired level as per one’s interest becomes much more challenging. Graduates have already started to analyze the importance of soft skills along with the education so as to justify their career platform needs in the future. In between this, a lot of queries in the minds of graduates arise about their career prospects and the actual survival of the particular career in this ambitious world . Some relatable queries that arise about the career are:

1. Am I Confident?

It is a quality of trusting the process , people and plans. Similarly, confidence gives us optimism to view the greater prospect in every path you choose. While self-confidence is important, it is also important to not become overconfident. Similarly, overconfidence is also no exception. 

How to overcome this thought?

  • Develop soft skill to see great in small things
  • Be confident before choosing any career
  • Note down the career progress chart in the past, present and future
  • Evaluate yourself

2. Will I earn enough?

Respect towards the career is something that matters more than the amount you earn but the gross economical conflict that the world is facing has a direct impact on the mindset of the graduates. In this journey of financial independence despite being dedicated the question of am I earning enough may arise in the individual.

How to overcome this thought?

Do part time jobs and freelancing jobs to maintain your finances

  • Stop comparing yourself with others 
  • Take inventory of what you already have or accomplished
  • Focus on your personal growth 
  • Become more input oriented than the awaiter of outcomes

3. Am I qualified?

Being qualified means you have the  necessary skills, experience, abilities to perform well in a given role. Qualifications are standards by which the hiring team can assess candidates. In today’s world , not just being qualified is sufficient but having practical knowledge  is also equally important.If we lack in this sector the following question of am i qualified might arise in peoples’ mind.

How to overcome this thought?

  • Take an assessment
  • Take timely sessions to build the soft skills
  • Have a quality conversation with someone who can guide you
  • Know your qualifications before applying to any career platform you choose

4. How to balance work-life balance?

Work-life balance is typically defined as the amount of time you spend doing your job versus the amount of time you spend with loved ones or pursuing personal interests and hobbies. With this the question of having quality self time and  spending time with the loved ones becomes challenging.

How to overcome this thought?

  • Time management practice
  • Self evaluation
  • Mental peace practice


One of the topics for the major discussions today is the lack of trust of young people related to the survival of themselves in the career they choose .They are fed up with ongoing concerns of corruption and political instability. In order to have a sound future for the country, graduates need to have the trust within themselves and seek the great career prospect within themselves.