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The trend of Aesthetic lifestyle: The artistic way of living



Aesthetic is a set of principles that defines the way of living being appreciative , receptive and inquisitive about beauty. It is directly interlinked with the ‘Philosophy of art’. The aesthetic lifestyle is all about creation of ambience that supports the mental, physical and social well being. It is the process of visualization of current prospects of better living with the ideas of  precognitive advancement in future.

Aesthetic touch in Trend, redefines the theory of artistry: 

The generation of today is grooving more into the artistic way of living which marks the birth of the aesthetic way of living . Looking forward to the emerging ideas of young minds today, they are more into  the creation of a way of living that holds newer concepts than adjusting to what has been prevailing since ages. 

With this, the new innovation in the ways of beautification can be observed which is modish today and is certain to hold its identity over a period of time.

Some of the discipline that conceptualize the aesthetic lifestyle today are:

Visual arts:

Adding paintings, photographs , ceramics and sculpture can really create the ambience in the surrounding you accommodate. With this, the new generation of artists is more curious about art that depicts impressionism, symbolism, fauvism, cubism, futurism, realism, abstract art, pop culture art and many others to portray the preference of their living.

Performing arts:

It is the branch that includes the art forms like practicing music, drama, dance, object manipulation, inner engineering, yoga that helps us feel better and confident to feel  the inner beauty. The generation today is practicing and working further in the advancement of the performing arts.


Collection of several books influenced by spiritual, scientific, fictional, motivational, financial content that focuses on personal growth has become the current trendy way of practicing aesthetics. Reliving ancient literature and presenting  it in the current scientific scenario has become the current emerging way of aesthetic living.


From designing the place you live to designing the clothes, accessories and way of living; deciding your own personality is what today’s generation is more into. Introduction of bohemian culture, vintage fashion, dark academia, coastal, minimalistic and modern touch in the way of living gives the slight push to a newer way of improving lifestyle.


Creating the ambience that gives the vibe of connecting to nature that includes the activity of growing plants of your choice to introduce bonsai, terrarium concept, hydroponics, floriculture, horticulture, keeping pets make one feel the real connection with nature. This way of aesthetic living is directly influenced by the agrarian concept that prevailed  ages ago and is still practiced now.


The study shows the contradictory way of intaking of nutrients i.e., one followed by the social way and prevalent since ages to the  enhancement according to current taste of the world, including edible plant based diet to nonvegetarian diet and the other that is completely followed by the choice of the ones, introducing the newer concept like veganism, pescatarian culture.

Science and technology:

With the growing age, the intensification of science and technology is directly interlinked with aesthetic living. From being familiar with facial aesthetics to using social media to groom your interest, advertising, digitalization is what  today’s world is into. Advancement in the science and technology sector is what today’s generation is more curious about.

The current study shows the young generation is more focused about living life, often focused on beauty being mindful and really appreciating it, setting an example to the generation back also to collaborate with them in the current way of aesthetic living. Moreover , the adaptation of human beings to live in the artistic way following the trend of aesthetic lifestyle is creating a wonderful space that reflects your personality and taste despite what social media trends tell you.