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Skill Week 2024 सिपले सम्मान, सिपको सम्मान


Skill Week 2024, organized by Glocal After School, was a pioneering event organized to create an ecosystem for skill education and employment. From 31st March to 8th April, people from every aspect of life gathered for a lively celebration of creativity and innovation, embracing the spirit of “सिपले सम्मान, सिपको सम्मान” (Honoring Skills, Honoring Individuals). The event began with a powerful media conference on 31st March, laying the groundwork for what was to come.

Skillful Workshops:

Throughout the week, attendees participated in a variety of courses spanning a wide range of skill areas, including science and technology, art and culture, entrepreneurship, and tourism and hospitality. Some of the workshops were: Fundamentals of Photography, Interior Design Fundamentals, Good to Great Develop your Personality, HR & Admin Skill Training, CV and Resume Writing, Branding Yourself, Navigating the Sky Using Stellarium, UI/UX Designing Workshop, Barista Workshop, Culinary Journey from the Chef’s Table, etc. These workshops provided great chances for experiential learning and personal development.  

Skill Fest:

The “SKILL FEST – A FESTIVAL OF SKILLS” event was organized on the 6th of Apil, 2024 with the primary goal of expanding the concept of exploring the joy of learning skills. This event provided an open platform for youngsters to participate and learn about skills, their significance, and market potential. The Skill Fest event featured fascinating workshops, skill exhibits, contests, skillful games, case study presentations, food, music, and a variety of fun-filled skillful environments at King’s College’s stunning venue. It was a colorful and stimulating experience that provided attendees with practical knowledge and inspiration, while also encouraging a culture of skill development and lifelong learning. 

Round Table Discussion:

Glocal Private Limited held a roundtable discussion on the theme of “Fostering Innovation and Skills Development: The Intersection of Industry-Academia Collaboration in Dual-VET Apprenticeship Programs”. This was part of a variety of events conducted during the 5th edition of Skill Week, an initiative taken by Glocal After School to build an ecosystem for “Skill Education to Employment”. The discussion intended to encourage open dialogue and exchange of ideas between industry leaders, academic representatives, and implementing agencies to develop a more collaborative and effective approach to skills development and innovation. The discourse highlighted the multifaceted challenges and opportunities in education and workforce development, emphasizing the urgency for collaborative efforts between academia, industry, and policymakers to enact meaningful reforms and ensure societal prosperity.

CEO Unplugged:

CEO Unplugged, a yearly forum organized by Glocal Pvt. Ltd., featured a series of panel discussions in which we aimed to create a forum for discussing contemporary business challenges, opportunities, and innovative perspectives, with a focus on experiential learning for newcomers to the business world and students. This event, held on April 8th, provided a forum for thoughtful discussions that covered the gap between “Today Meets Tomorrow.” Esteemed panelists presented their experiences and viewpoints, providing attendees with essential insights and practical advice. It was the successful culmination of efforts to promote learning, networking, and innovation in the business sector.

Skill Hero Award:

The evening concluded with the highly anticipated Skill Hero Award event, which recognized individuals who had exhibited great talent and dedication in the fields of Science and Technology, Tourism and Hospitality, Entrepreneurship, and Art and Culture. Additionally, there has been an award ceremony for the various winners of each competition.

Skill Week 2024 was more than just a series of events; it was a transforming experience that emphasised the value of lifelong learning and flexibility in a rapidly changing environment. Participants departed feeling inspired and empowered, with new skills, relationships, and a renewed sense of purpose.

As Skill Week 2024 came to an end, it was clear that the program had met its goal of establishing a culture of skill development and empowerment. The path from education to job had been mapped out, and the future held countless possibilities.